Sunday, May 18, 2014


G-son slept like a rock last night and didn't wake me even once moving around. We had to wake him up this morning at 8:30 to get up and eat breakfast and get ready for church. 
He and hubbie went on ahead to Sunday school.
I did chores and then headed to church to get flowers on the communion table and get set up in the nursery for our quarterly nursery duty day.
We had a very easy day with about 30 couples from our church gone on a "marriage retreat" in Pigeon Forge, Tenn.  #1 son and d-in-love are there also that is why g-son has spent the weekend with us.
We only had 3 little boys in the nursery and g-son wanted to stay and help out so he played with them in the floor saving us from getting down there !!
For lunch we only had #2 son as daughter is also in Tennessee. She has spent the week end in Nashville, Tenn. on a bridesmaid's and bride's weekend get away of one of her friends that she teaches with.
This is the wedding party ladies side. The bride is in the center and daughter is on far left in blue scarf.
Everyone made it home safely this afternoon and g-son and daughter's dog left leaving hubbie and I alone for a relaxing afternoon.
The weather is cloudy and cool again today staying in the low 60's.  The sun finally made a late appearance but didn't help the cool temps much.
Not much exciting going on around here so it is another good day to continue my decade pics for the month of May 1994.
As I have said before I chaperoned a lot of the kids school field trips and on this trip to the Greenville zoo hubbie also went along.
This was daughter's class that we were with this time.
Her teacher was Mrs. Whitesides that year, that is her in the hat rounding up all the kids.
I remember daughter an animal lover anyway loved the hands-on part of this zoo.
Back  home these are some of our cattle that May.

Thanking God for the traveling mercies He sent my familie's way this weekend and for the comfort of having Him to give all my burdens to.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Love the old pictures. Glad everyone made it home safe and sound. God is good. Blessings