Sunday, May 11, 2014


Mine started out wonderfully with a few extra minutes of luxurious snoozing on a beautiful morning. I then woke to the birds singing outside my windows, how much better can it get ??
I had to be at church a little early this morning to get to my greeting duties. Last Sunday I was asked to be the greeter in a section of the church on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday of the month. I'm always already there anyway to get flowers on the communion table so I was glad to do the greeting. Besides I love to talk !!
Church was good today from Proverbs about the Godly woman.
All the kids got carnations to give their mothers before the service started.
We had beef brisket for lunch with the fresh green beans and corn and potatoes. We also had our first wilted lettuce of the season fresh from our garden, yum yum.
I was surprised by the kids with this beautiful hanging Fuschia.
We will also be making another family trip to my favorite place to eat out.
The cards were beautiful.
#1 son, I'm sure picked out the blue card and this is what it said on the inside which is very true.
This special note from daughter on the inside of the pink card was very special, especially after the sermon we heard today.
I also was given this lovely Begonia at market on Saturday by a handicapped man that goes to our church.  Thanks Joe Hill !
Everyone headed out to do their different activities this afternoon. Hubbie went over to daughters house to help her with some trimming jobs she had to do.  I was left alone for a nice relaxing afternoon.  I took a nap out in the lawn chair soaking up the warm sunshine. It has been a beautiful day with 81 degrees and just a few passing clouds.
I took a long walk after supper  and spotted this little guy soaking up his share of the warm sunshine.
I also saw this mama Mallard guiding her babies around trying to keep them hidden from Sadie and I as they swam quickly from hiding place to hiding place.  I never did get a count of how many she had.  Hopefully the turtle won't get them all.
I came back to the house and hubbie and I sat outside and watched darkness fall sipping on our hot drinks to end a wonderful Mother's Day for me.
Hope all you mom's out there had a wonderful day and remembered to thank God for the blessing of children.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

What a beautiful Mother's Day you had. So happy you were able to spend it with family. I remember the carnations from my childhood. If you received a red one your mother was still living ; if you received a white one your mother had passed away. Blessings