Monday, May 19, 2014


A strange Monday morning today as d-in-love is taking g-son on a trip to Dollywood today with some friends and so hubbie and I got to leisurely snooze a little later today.
As I did the feeding chores the morning air had a definite nip to it again this morning calling for a jacket and long pants. This morning's temp was 40 degrees.
After breakfast I took a walk around the farm with camera in hand.
Calling all Purple Martins,  there are new houses with vacancies here !!
Hubbie finally finished these and got them up. I don't know if we are too late or not with everything being a little behind this spring.
This beautiful Weigela bush is really putting on a show in the back yard this year.
I spent the morning determined to get the last of my plants set out.
I actually had added 2 more flats to my collection Saturday when I bought a flat of basil and a flat of dill with one 6 pack of parsley in it.
Sooooo   I got out the tomatoes left over from a couple weeks ago and headed up to the tubs on the side of my greenhouse.  These normally are filled with pretty St. John's Wart but the cold temps this winter ended their run of many years.  I cleaned the tubes out and refilled with new soil.
One of them got the tomato plants which are Speckled romas and Tasti Lee cherry tomatoes.
The other tub got the Dill. Just as I finished planting all of it Sadie promptly hopped up in the tub and sat on my plants.  I got her out, straightened the plants, fortunately none were damaged too badly, and went in search of a barrier to protect the fragile plants.
These old calf panels worked great and will also give the Dill something to lean on when it gets tall.
I planted the Basil in the row of onions that we have already pulled up and eaten.
While I planted,hubbie mowed the lawn.  I decided it was time for me to take a break so as I sat outside and drank water the skies clouded over with a thin layer of clouds. I took a picture of this plant as it flew through the wispy clouds.  I think it is funny that the propellers look like they are stopped !!

After a short rest I helped hubbie cut down some dead bushes and a Blue Spruce tree that has been dead for a while now.
The yard looks really good tonight after a hard days work and I am tired but accomplished feeling.
The high today only got to around 65 but the intermittant sunshine helped make it feel like a comfortable day to do outside work.
Thanking God for a strong back and the blessing of health He gives hubbie and me.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

It is just getting warm enough around here to start planting in the ground. Lucky g-son going to Dollywood. When I was there I joined the official "porch sitters" society. That is such a nice Theme Park. No wonder you were bushed; you had a busy, productive day. Blessings