Monday, May 12, 2014


Got a call from d-in-love early this morning saying g-son was sick and couldn't go to school today. He was running a low grade fever and coughing.  Hubbie was up so she brought him on up here so she could go to work.
He didn't seem too sick but that cough was nasty.
After chores and breakfast I went to the bank to close out an account since my old bank got taken over by First Citizens and I have had nothing but trouble through the transition and it is not looking like it is going to get any better even after the transition.
It took over an hour of standing in line to finally get this done, but I didn't want it to cost me anymore money.  Seems there are a lot of unhappy folks after the transition.
I went to Home Depot  and bought some new perennials to replace the ones that didn't survive the winter this year.
I got more Coral Bells, Lavender, Columbine and some others that are new to me. I also picked up some Wave Petunias, Verbenia and Geraniums for some added color.  I also got 4 bags of 2 cu. ft. potting soil that I had to load on the cart and into the back of my van myself which didn't do my already sore back any good at all.
At least when I got home hubbie was here to unload it for me.  He fusses about Home Depot all the time because you can't get any help doing anything out there.
I also went by Tractor Supply and picked up another 1/2 barrel planter they had on sale since I couldn't find one to match the two I already have out front of my front porch. 
After lunch and a nice visit with Rebekah and Evy I set about getting all the plants in their new homes.
I worked continuously all afternoon except for when I was getting things for g-son who got worse with the fever and feeling bad as the day went on.
His dad took him to the doctor when he came home and they said he has a virus that is going around. Praying he didn't pass it on to Hubbie and I today.
I got the Coleus planted from the FFA sale at the school finally today and the Marigolds also. All I like now from my plants is a few more potted tomatoes and a few marigolds.
But I do need at least one more hanging basket for the front porch. I saw some really pretty ones at Ingles Saturday so I will check them out tomorrow.
After chores I moved some chicks around and took another mama out so I could combine some older chicks in one big box.
I have two more Silkies wanting to set so I freed up two brooder boxes tonight. I'll clean them all out tomorrow and put new residents in them.
I have sweated more today than I have in a long time. The mid 80's temps combined with the high humidity even when the sun wasn't shining made it a sticky day. We did get a brief shower about mid afternoon but not even enough to settle the dust. Just enough to run hubbie off the lawn mower for today.
I got done to late tonight for pics so maybe tomorrow.
Daughter came by to have supper with us tonight after running an open gym for her basketball girls tonight.
The weather is taking another downturn later this week but it will be a welcome change after today.
I am very tired tonight but it is an accomplished tired feeling and I will sleep good tonight for sure.
Grateful for the strength God blesses me with each day, praying for g-son to feel better quickly.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

All you hard work yesterday should have made you sleep well last night. I was awake most of last night due to sever thunderstorms. Our street turned into a raging river. More rain expected today but hopefully not as heavy. Hope g-son is feeling better today. Blessings