Tuesday, May 27, 2014


UHHHGGGG!!!  It's always hard getting back in the regular routine even after just one extra day off. G-son was not a happy camper this morning as he got back in school after the long weekend.
I made a trip to Walmart on the way home after I dropped him at school.
After chores and breakfast I got the laundry started then did some housecleaning.
The sun was playing peek-a-boo with the clouds all day.  I took a nice walk this afternoon before I picked up g-son.
He had a doctor's appointment to get a second treatment on the plantar warts on the bottom of one of his feet so I dropped him at home where his dad had just gotten off work early to take him.
The warts are almost completely gone after just one treatment so the doc said he probably wouldn't need any more after today.
I stayed true to my intent of sewing at least 30 minutes each afternoon and made this towel apron when I got home.
I would have gotten two of these made but I experimented with a new idea to put the waistband on and ended up having to take it all out and do it the old way !!
I went outside to pot some more of my new plants and heard the thunder in the distance getting closer and closer. The sky to the south was very dark.
I planted my new Rosemary plant before the raindrops started to fall.
We really never got much rain and the thunder and lightening stayed to the south and west of our area. Our hardest rain came after dark as we heard it pounding the metal roof.
I had a precious little visitor this evening while mom went to a staff meeting.
She had to make sure her new toy basket was totally empty before she cold play with anything !
She is beginning to take several steps now especially when she doesn't think about the fact that she is walking on her own.  At one time today she walked from one toy to the other without even a wobble.
She just hasn't got her confidence up fully yet but she is getting there quickly.
We all had supper, she still eats very good and is enjoying feeding herself more and more.
She helped with the chicken feeding chores tonight, she likes to scatter their corn and watch them all gather around.
After her mom picked her up, hubbie and I  sat outside to watch the storm that was again passing to the west and south of us.  It hailed bad at hubbie's work this afternoon before he got off.
Thank the Lord we haven't had any hail or severe storms at out place today.  The sun was putting out one last cloud covered glow as it silently gave way to the thick clouds.
Bro-in-law Marty and sis-in-law Sandy came by after a clothes hanging rack to use at their daughter's used kids supplies sale this weekend. I have had this rack since my traveling craft show sale days. It is a really nice huge rack.  I hope they do a good business this weekend.
Sis-in-law had to have shoulder surgery so she can't drive or lift anything at all with that arm yet.
Had a relaxing evening and am very grateful to God for the wonderful blessings that were sent my way today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Can't believe Evy is trying to walk already. Love the picture of the sun poking thru the clouds. Do you ever make bib aprons? That is all I ever wear.