Saturday, May 10, 2014


Woke to the sound of the gentle breathing of g-son in my ear as he snuggled in the morning coolness, oh the joys of being a grandparent !!!
We got ready for market while he ate his breakfast and watched Saturday morning cartoons. I thought of how long it has been since I have been home to watch Saturday morning TV.
With several more Mother's Day order calls I should have a good sales day today.
G-son was helpful getting things carried in and getting set-up while several customers patiently waited to choose their baked goods after they saw everything I had.
It was a good day but not as good as it should have been for the Saturday before Mother's Day.
It rained a couple showers and stayed cloudy all day causing the day to be dreary but it was a welcome relief from the heat of the last week.
Hubbie stayed until about noon and he and g-son left to have lunch and shop at Sam's Club on their way home.
After market I stopped at Aldi for baking supplies and a beef brisket for tomorrow's lunch.  I also stopped by the farm outlet for fresh green beans and corn on the cob.
While I was there it rained again but by the time I got home I ran out of the rain and it was dry here.
We really need some more rain on our garden and plants that we set out last week. At least the sun isn't beating down on them.
The winter isn't over quite yet for some folks as the "Z" winter storm name got taken with this storm that is dropping record breaking snowfall amounts as it moves across the mid western states.
Why do we complain about our long winter this year ???   At least snow is out of the question for us.
These folks are probably used to this type of weather but that is alot of snow for almost the middle of May !!!
Hubbie and I have spent a relaxing afternoon just doing some little odd jobs around the house.
After chores and supper we ran out to Ingles to pick up some bacon for our first batch of wilted lettuce for tomorrow's lunch.
I did some research on small pick-up trucks tonight as we are considering getting something smaller that uses less gas for hubbie to drive to work everyday.
I am grateful tonight for my faith in our Heaven Father and for His unending love.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, A Happy Mother's Day to you... Hope today is a wonderful day.

I am improving with each passing day from my surgery --but the weekend was NOT a 'piece of cake' for me.... Oh Well... Keeps me honest, I guess... ha ha