Sunday, May 4, 2014


A beautiful Sunday morning. As I did chores all the animals and chickens seemed so much happier now with the warmer temps and sunshine.
Church was good today with the sermon from II Timothy. 
Everyone was hungry and anxious to get to lunch of our smoked Butt from yesterday, guess the aroma traveled all around the hill last night.
To go with the BBQ we had fresh green beans, boiled potaoes,corn, slaw, Amy's broccoli Salad and Rebekah brought watermelon which pleased hubbie very much as he has been graving watermelon.
It was all very good and enjoyed by all.
After lunch the kids played outside on the swing while the daddy's relaxed in the hammock and lawn chairs. 
G-son and Evy switched hats.
After everyone left I decided to spend the day outside planting my flowers but before I planted I needed to clean off the front porch.  Anytime I tackle a certain task it seems that it leads to many other little task.  I had not put away the snow sleds that decorate the porch so to put them away I had to re-arrange some in the storage shed to get them in there.  I moved the dog house that sits on the porch to the other side and faced it toward the driveway so maybe Sadie would use it.  She used to have a dog house in this place that she used all the time. This left me with some room behind the rockers, sooooo I remembered seeing my first car partially hidden up in one of our sheds, sooooo I went up and moved things around until I got it dug out.  This is my first automobile

It will make a neat plant holder for the porch !!!  And bring back memories each time I sit out there.
Another little job that I got into was cutting away the dead parts of a large Azalea that was on the corner of the porch.  This is a large purple Azalea that always blooms beautifully but when we re-built our front porch this plant ended up further back under the eave and doesn't get as much rain as before so it is moving itself by re-rooting some of the lower limbs leaving alot of the back limbs dead or dying.  I had to get hubbie with his trusty hand saw to get to some of the bigger limbs.
Anyway that's how a simple re-arrangement project takes much longer than it starts out to and not even finished I finally stopped and came inside at almost 9:00 because it was totally dark and I kept tripping over things !! And I never did get any of my flowers planted !!!
I have a feeling I will have some sore muscles in the morning.
Daughter came back tonight to pick up Tipper who has spent the weekend with us while she has been at a volleyball coaching clinic at Chapel Hill.  This is a pic of the UNC coaches with, in the middle from left, head coach Moon, daughter, and East high's head coach Mrs. Philips.
She said she was very tired of riding in a car as this was the second trip to Chapel Hill in the last five days but that the clinic was a really good one and she learned alot.
Well it is 11:30 so I am headed for a hot bath and a warm bed !!
Thanking God for the wonderful blessings of this Sunday.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Love your first automobile. I can just picture some plants growing in it. Blessings