Friday, May 16, 2014


Got g-son taken to school and back home to keep little Evy while her mom sleeps some this morning after working all night.
Evy jumped in her bouncy seat while I had breakfast and then we did the chores together. It is really cool this morning around 53 degrees and cloudy.
Back inside we played awhile. Or rather she and Dolly played and I watched and cheered each throw of the ball and catch.

It was funny to watch as Evy found two of Dolly's balls and would throw them one right after the other until Dolly didn't know which one to chase !!
Evy is getting to be such a smart little girl.
She took a good nap about mid morning and I baked 6 caramel and 2 pound cakes for market tomorrow.  While they were in the ovens I sat up her playpen to see how she would do in it inside.
She acted like she loved playing with all the things I put in there with her.
She was having such fun I had to hunt for something to do in the kitchen so I cleaned off all my counter tops.
We ate lunch and then her mom came to pick her up to go home for her afternoon nap.
I tried to sit outside for a break but the clouds soon covered the sun and the cool breeze ran me back inside the warm house. The high today was 63 degrees.
I finished my cleaning job in the kitchen and it looks very good after I got rid of a crowded corner shelf I had in there for years. Of course one cleaning job always requires another cleaning and today was no exception as I had to clean out some of the cabinets to find places for the things I took off the shelf.
Hubbie came in from work and we watched the news and then did chores.  The higher mountains are getting some snow flurries this evening but we just got a small passing shower.
G-son came to spend the night with us tonight.
He had Texas toast and bacon for supper ??
At least it's a break from the normal mac and cheese !!??
He wanted my laptop and that was okay with pawpaw because there was a race on TV that he wanted to watch.
I iced cakes and got things ready for market while they occupied the living room.

Thanking God for a very blessed day.  What could be better than a day that starts with this one......
and ends with this one...................
 I feel very undeservedly blessed !!!
Good Night and God Bless.

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