Monday, May 26, 2014


I started to say Happy Memorial day to you but decided this is not a really "happy" day.  As families of fallen soldiers all over the country continue to grieve the loss of their loved ones in the continuous war to protect our freedom  I thought it better to just say "THANK YOU".  To those brave soldiers who have lost their lives or gone on before us and to their families.
The picture above is of a honoring ceremony at one of the local cemeteries where my father-in-law is buried. He was a veteran of WWII.
My day started off with work in the garden as soon as chores were done this morning.  #1 son had some time to help with the heavy cattle panels we are using this year for our beans to climb on.
These were a whole lot quicker to get up and they are heavy duty so they won't sag.  We just hope they don't all blow over and pull up the beans !!
I pulled some weeds to give the chickens and replanted some cucumbers that got killed in the last cold spell. Even though the temperature didn't get below freezing the okra and cucumbers couldn't take the upper 30's temps.
The Sillies were very thankful for the fresh green weeds.
After lunch hubbie and I went over to a shoe store on hwy 191 where we usually buy all our shoes. He got a pair of work boots and I got a pair of dark tennis shoes to wear next fall and winter.
We stopped at the feed store on the way home to pick up some chicken feed and get some okra seed.
They had sold completely out of okra seed. I guess lots of folks have the same problem I do !!
At home the clouds started to roll in and look very threatening.  I planted some of the plants I bought over the week end while hubbie planted some gourds seed.   The rain started and ran us under the porch to sit and watch the storm as it passed to the west of us and dropped down the mountain giving us only a light shower.
All the kids are coming for a cook out this evening so we moved the grill under the outside patio. Guess we will just leave it there as it seems every time we need to use it the rain comes.
Everyone came around six this evening and we grilled out steaks and hambugers  along with some baked beans that Rebekah had made , twice baked potatoes that d-in-love made, a fruit salad and dip that daughter made, and some homemade strawberry ice cream that churned on the porch while we ate, yummmy !!
A great way to end a long weekend.

Feeling very blessed tonight !
Good Night and God Bless.


JMD said...

I agree with you, nothing happy about today. Although you do have some snappy looking chickens!

linda m said...

Watching the Memorial Day Concert on PBS Sunday evening made me cry -as usual. It is a special concert to honor our military - those who have died serving their country and those still serving. It is one of the most "moving" events on TV. Glad you got to spend the Day with family. Blessings