Friday, May 2, 2014


Saw this photo on the internet and it brought back many memories of when I was in school.
I remember singing a song, don't remember how it went and dancing around a May Pole that looked alot like this one.  You had to pay close attention as not to run head on into classmates coming the other direction.    We were always happy to sing and dance to welcome in the month of May because that was always our last month of school before a long summer break. Today's kids are not so lucky.
HAPPY  MAY   !!!
As for my second day of May I had a routine morning, getting g-son to school, doing chores and having breakfast. Today I changed the covers on all the furniture and bed and put a load of them in the washer to wash while I ate breakfast so I could get them hung out on the clothes line in the sunshine.
I baked cakes for the rest of the morning and early afternoon, 6 caramel, 5 pound and 2 blackberry wine cakes.
I did another washer load of covers when the first ones were dry and hung out another line full to catch the afternoon sunshine. The temperature has been pretty cool today around 68 but the sun feels so good and warm.
Had a call from a lady who said she wanted all the Silkie chicks I have for sale but she never came to pick them up.  Glad I didn't go to any extra trouble.
I left some eggs in the Silkie house in a nest to see if I can encourage one of them to start setting, funny none of them have wanted to set in a while.
After chores this evening I iced caramel cakes and wrapped and labeled everything.
This May seems very strange as the weather surely doesn't feel May like (at least not yet) and all the flowers and plants are behind with their usual May appearances.  Some of the trees still have just tiny leaves forming on them and many of my Azaleas haven't bloomed yet.
Grateful to God for the wonderful day and all the wonderful creations He made just for our pleasures.
Good Night and God Bless.

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