Thursday, May 1, 2014


Ummph!!!  Ever get a wake up call from your guardian angel ???  I have to say I have gotten a couple from mine.  Last night or very early this morning I got another,eeerrrr, well at least maybe the guardian angel of the plants I bought yesterday woke me.
About 12:15 I woke up to hear Sadie the Australian shepherd chasing something below the house. I immediately sat up and thought of the plants sitting on the ground and all the rabbits around the yard.
I eased out of bed so I didn't wake hubbie and went downstairs, cleared off a roll around cart down there and took it outside to load up all the plants and bring them inside, hoping all along that hubbie didn't wake up and in a sleepy stupor shoot me as an intruder !!
Plants saved by their or my guardian angel??? !! 
G-son came in crying this morning because he wanted to play with his new legos instead of get ready for school against mom's plans.  When he is like this I just leave him to stew and he comes out of these moods quickly. By the time I got his breakfast fixed he was over the drama.
I dropped him at school and headed home to get ready for market.  Evy is running a low grade fever today so I took Rebekah's baked goods in so she could stay at home and let Evy rest.
I had no problem keeping up with her's and my table and even the neighbor who left to go to a meeting at his church for a while.
This was the aisle at almost noon.
Everyone is trying to come up with something to get more customers in market especially on Thursdays. I was very thankful today that I had the large orders I had.
Daughter is in Chapel Hill today at an award ceremony for the state's top athletic teams. Her varsity girls basketball team received the award for the top GPA in the state of 3.813.  Here she is on the left with head coach and other assistant with the award at the Dean Smith Center on the UNC campus.
 After market I ran weekly errands and picked up baking supplies for tomorrow.
I also went by the farm outlet again and got another gallon of strawberries, these are better than the ones I got Saturday.
I had everything unloaded and put away by the time hubbie came in from work.  We watched the news and did the evening chores.
I took a walk around the lower pasture and checked out the flowers that are now in bloom. This old fashioned Snowball bush is slowly getting it's white "snowballs".
 My first blooming Iris.
One of my favorite Azaleas.
A lot of my Azaleas don't look good this year with only about half the blooms that they normally have.
My neighbor at market said this winter's weather killed even his Butterfly Bushes.
Talked to daughter after they got home tonight she said the awards ceremony was very nice and everything went well except their rental car.  She said it smelled like someone had dumped a bottle of perfume in the floorboard which gave her a headache on the way down there and the head coach a headache on the way back.
Had a beautiful day today with high of 68 with breezy sunshine.  Not too cool and not too hot just perfect !!  Thanks God !!!
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Congrats to your daughter!!! What a great award to receive.

Our first Irises and Azaleas have bloomed this week also...

BUT--after the 6 inches of rain we got this week, today was SUNNY (which was nice). However, it was COLD all day long... (Can't win 'em all, can we???? ha)

Hope little Evy is going to be okay. Bless her heart.

linda m said...

Congrats to your daughter. All the cold weather this winter and now all the rain and colder temps have really slowed down all the plant growth around here. I think we have lost couple of bushes as they are all brown and no sign of green on them. Glad you had some sunshine. Have a great weekend. Blessings