Saturday, May 3, 2014


Up and out early for a "hopefully" busy market day.
The annual Steeple chase horse race is happening today down in Tryon and we usually get some business early from the tailgaters who watch the race and dine on elegant tailgates !
I had a good day and am very thankful for all I sold.
After market I picked up baking supplies, making a couple extra stops to get some cheaper egg prices.  Egg prices have significantly went up and are holding the high price so I need to search around for the cheapest price. I have been paying $1.69 a dozen but today I found them for $1.39 , plus I made good on my raincheck from Walgreens and scored 4 dozen for .99 each.
I need to have a slight price hike on my cakes but with the slowness of business right now I'm not sure this is a good time to raise prices ?   I will have to look at the April month end figures to make a final decision.
When I got home hubbie was mowing the lawn so I unloaded and had a snack.
He has had the smoker going today with a couple butts and some chicken breast in there.
I took a nice break and sat out in the patio for a while to relax.  I was watching a nature show on TV the other day and a man said if you go outside and sit or stand still for a little while nature will come to you.  Today as I thought of what he said this odd red insect came crawling across the gravel in front of the patio. I have never seen such a brightly colored red bug as this before.
The sun was glorious in the western sky this evening with a 70 degree temperature but the breeze made it feel more like an April day.
G-son  Spider-face boy came by to stay with us while his mom took more pictures this evening. He had went with her on an earlier picture taking engagement to a birthday party and that is where the face painting came from.
While I fed the chickens he found a new friend.
After mom picked him up I took a walk around the bottom pasture.  I love this time of the day as everything slows down and gets ready for the night of quiet rest.

Spotted this little Sandpiper searching for food along the banks of the farm pond.
As I rounded the hill and headed through the gate to the house I sighed with contentment and thanked the Lord for a wonderful day filled with many undeserved blessings.
Good Night  and God Bless.

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Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

It's nice to be able to slow down and be out in nature to enjoy what the good Lord has provided us.

I know where were going for dinner the next couple of days. Yum, chicken and smoked butt.