Wednesday, May 28, 2014


G-son's "Monday at the lake"  sunburn is slowly getting better as at least this morning he was able to rest the shoulder straps of his bookbag on his shoulders.
I did the chores and had breakfast while waiting for the sunshine to dry the grass from last night's 2/10ths inch of rain. Seems we are stuck on that amount of rainfall as this is the second day we have gotten that much.
As I walked I enjoyed the warm sun and fresh morning air.
I spent the remainder of the morning in my kitchen baking 12 caramel,4 chocolate, 1 coconut ,6 pound cakes and 2 blackberry wine cakes. I would expect this to be a slow week following the busy holiday weekend but I have 7 1/2 cakes ordered for tomorrow so it will be a good day for me anyway.
Hubbie called to say he was taking 1/2 day off to get a haircut and come home to get the grass mowed. The forecast is for heavy rains for the next several days after today.
He builds up days off where he works and then needs to use them or loose them each year about this time.
After a late lunch I planted some cucumber and zuchinni squash plants to replace the ones that the last cold snap killed. I need to replant the okra but decided to wait until we could till.
I picked up g-son and got him settled in with bacon and Texas toast, his after school favorite snack !
I got behind my sewing machine for my 30 minutes and made another towel apron.

One thing a day is better than nothing all week like I have been doing !!
I need to come up with another housecleaning plan because this one isn't working.  Seems my baking days are not good housecleaning days.
The storms went around us today with only distant thunder and lightening and a brief shower so we were among the lucky that didn't get hail.
I iced 6 caramel cakes and then took a back pain relieving break to watch the sun slip behind the mountains.

I spent the remainder of the evening standing over the stove cooking icing and icing caramel, chocolate and coconut cakes. I finished up about 11:00, watched the news and headed for bed so this post is written while waiting for customers to appear at market on Thursday and back dated.
Thanking God for sparing us the storms today and grateful for my daily blessings.
God Bless.

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