Thursday, May 22, 2014


As g-son and I opened the door to go to the van we got a shock as the wind was all of a sudden blowing very hard.
It is cloudy and I wondered if we were in for an early morning storm.
By the time I got home and got ready to do the chores the wind had died and the skies didn't look as threatening as they did earlier.
I made it to market a few minutes early today.  Business picked up as the morning's weather took a change for the better with sunshine and nice warn temps.
I thank God for the sales I made today.  Rebekah came late but sold several things also.
As I sold a couple small bonnets and looked around at some of my empty shelves I decided that starting next week I am setting aside at least 30 minutes of sewing time each day.  Maybe after g-son and get home from school in the afternoons would be a good time.
After market I ran errands and picked up baking supplies along with making a stop at the farm outlet for cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries.  These strawberries are the best of the season so far, they are really good !
I made it home around 3:30 and unloaded and had a snack before hubbie made it in from work.
We did chores while a couple steaks cooked on the grill for our supper.
After supper I needed a walk to walk off supper.
Sadie peeks out of the Buttercups in the pastures.
I was glad to see mama duck has managed to raise at least a small part of her original flock of ducklings.
She had about 6 when they were really little and tonight I saw 3 maybe 4 so she has done a great job keeping them from harm.
I came back up to the house and hubbie and I watched darkness come from the outside patio.
We are both really tired tonight from staying up later than usual last night so it is an earlier bedtime.
Grateful to a loving Lord for blessing me undeservedly each and every day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Happy to hear you had a good market day. I love to take a walk in the evening - seems like a nice way to end the day. Have a great weekend. Blessings