Monday, May 5, 2014


G-son was here early on this Monday morning. Hubbie took him to school while I did chores and had breakfast. I had to be in Asheville at 10:15 for my 2-year bone density scan, pray that it still is okay !
After the scan we stopped ny Southern States for some feed supplies before heading home just in time for lunch.
After we ate Rebekah came over and we worked our early garden plants. Hubbie ran the tiller and Rebekah and I weeded and hoed while Evy watched from her play pen.  After about an hour the three of us were hot and tired in the 85 degree sunshine and Evy was ready for her afternoon nap.
We took a much needed rest before I went to pick up g-son. After getting him settled in with after school food and cartoons I went back outside to work some more on my front porch. I carried some more plants outside that had wintered inside and trimmed all the dead parts off.
After Evy woke from her nap Rebekah brought her back over and we planted out summer garden.
This is a good looking garden, we are getting onions, radishes and lettuce already.
G-son entertained little Evy while we worked.

She doesn't want to wear that hat but I don't think she wants him to wear it either !!

It was a much nicer, cooler time to work in the garden this evening.
After we finished I did the feeding chores and then worked some more on my front porch plants. We decided not to set out any more garden plants because of the intense heat on the next couple days.
Carrying water is not one of my most favorite things to do.
Hubbie and I sat out in the patio tonight until dark enjoying the cool evening breeze after this hot day.
Grateful for all God's blessings and striving to do His will each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Your garden looks like you are making some real progress. Sun and warmer temps really help things grow. We have had some sun the last couple of days along with warmer day temps and boy, things are growing. God id blessing us with better weather. Blessings