Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Up early to begin another busy day. G-son was draggy this morning but we made it on time as I had to walk in and take a teacher friend some of my "old Timey Day" clothes for their Heritage day coming up.
Back home I did chores and had breakfast ,then headed over to Asheville for my doctor's appointment. The vitamins I have been taking seem to be giving me more energy so I will continue with them for another 2 weeks, then another check-up.  We are hoping to get my white cell count stabilized so I can have the shingles vaccine.  This brings back memories of 7 years ago when I spent the summer and fall going to a doctor's appointment every 2 weeks and had so much blood drawn I would feel weak for days afterward.
I stopped by Walmart on the way home and picked up some groceries and baking supplies as well as some new flower pots to replant some flowers in.
As I was getting in my van I got scared and went around the other side of the van to load my things instead of the back because two men were screaming and cussing at one another at the entrance to the store. I fully expected to hear gun shots at any time, thankfully one of them went on in the store and the other drove off.  I have no idea what started the fuss.  I was just glad to get home where it was safe.
Hubbie had taken 1/2 day off to pick up g-son and a friend from school as they had early dismissal today.
When I got home hubbie went outside to take a nap in the hammock while I stayed inside with the boys.  They played well together today with no arguments at all. I couldn't help but marvel at the difference in their play today.  They were content to construct lego projects instead of the regular wrestling matches I used to referee.
I managed three loads of laundry this afternoon but put off the house cleaning until tomorrow.

They wanted me to judge the best spaceship.. Of course it was a tie !!!!!!
#2 son came by this afternoon to spend some time with us. He is on vacation this week after another worker canceled their vacation for this week. Son has too many weeks to carry over to next year so he would loose the time off unless he uses it.
After he left daughter brought Tipper her dog over so hubbie could help her shave her. They also gave Bernie a haircut and bath before she left.
While they worked on the dogs I took a walk on this hot 85 degree day.
The unusually warm temperatures are sure making things burst into bloom.
This old timey Snowball bush is covered with these white snowballs.

My favorite Azalea is blooming.  These blooms look like little Carnations.
The Buttercups are taking over the lower pastures.
The leaves have all popped out and cast a green reflection as the creek meanders through our pastures.

The bridge and road work has taken on another phase as the old dirt under the new road bed was replaced today with a plastic liner and new clay soil.
As I came in the yard from my walk the sun was reflecting beautifully through these Iris.
God Is Good All The Time. 
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

What a wonderful day you had. I love all the pictures you took on your walk. I think the picture of the creek and the iris are my favorite ones. God bless you.

Claudia J. Dalton said...

I am shocked to see my son play with Legos, he has NEVER shown interest before, even when he has gotten some Lego sets for Christmas Dad has been the one building it for him, I see how it is :) this is great! and the fact that he was in the same room with the dogs, another huge milestone accomplish. Great things happen at your house yesterday!!

Thanks for coming to our rescue ... once again!!