Friday, May 30, 2014


Well it's the last Friday of May and I'm not sure where this month went either as I say, I think, almost every month.
Today started off good as g-son now he is excited about all the things they are doing in these last weeks of school. He was also excited because he gets to spend the night with us tonight as mom and dad are both working early in the morning.
I had to make an extra trip to Walmart for some extra brown sugar for more caramel cakes than I had planned on to fill a couple late orders for tomorrow.
I went in through the garden dept. and found clearance price red roses,so this is what my one empty planter will contain !
Back home I did chores, had breakfast, then did my morning walk. Usually these walks are photo ops but today I didn't see a single thing to photograph.
I baked 12 caramel,2 chocolate and 2 blackberry wine cakes. 
Hubbie came home early due to one of his co-workers committing suicide this morning.  His boss closed their shop and sent everyone home.  This is the second man who has shot himself in our community in the last month. Both have children and wives that are left wondering "why" . It is also so sad in this case because this man's oldest daughter is getting ready to graduate high school. She goes to the school daughter teaches at and daughter said she was in one of her classes and is such a sweet and smart girl.  So sad !!!   Hubbie was pretty upset also as he and this man ate breakfast together and talked lots of days.
The rain started falling around noon today nice and slow and I was hoping it would cool down enough to keep the storms at bay but not so as we had some close thunder and lightening as the rain picked up in intensity throughout the afternoon. 
I picked up g-son today and we headed home to hunker down to wait for the storms to pass.
I spent the time sewing to further reduce the pile of cut-outs beside my machine.  I made these two aprons to make up for not getting in any sewing yesterday.

We did chores early so we could go out to the local high school to the relay for life fund raiser they are having tonight.
Daughter is in charge of some of the events and it was a great time for all.
It started out rally sad with the survivor walk which was led by a couple of current students, one senor and one freshmen, and a recent graduate who are all battling cancer types.
Here daughter and all the teachers join in the walk with these survivors.
This is daughter friend and fellow coach dancing with g-son.

We had a nice meal of BBQ and chips before we played the games.
He actually hit the target right in the face on his second try !

He got to every one of the games and won prizes at most of them.

He got sparkles in his hair and a rocket ship painted on his face.

We ended the night with a hilarious game of ping pong with pawpaw that I laughed until I cried during.   This was the first time g-son ever played this game but he picked it up pretty fast.

Someone surely had a great time and it was a great evening for hubbie and I just watching him be so happy !  The high school hosts this Relay for Life event each year and all the kids participate to raise money for cancer research.  This years event was very successful and raised over $13,000 for the cause.  Congrats all the teachers and students that give your time  and effort to such a worthy cause.

The rain had stopped when we went out to school and the sun was shining but to our surprise when we came out of the school headed to our van the rain was falling again and the dark clouds were back for the evening. We got a total of 6/10ths inch of rain for the day.
G-son was spending the night so we stopped by his house so he could tell his mom and dad goodnight before we headed home to get all the gook washed out of his hair and off his face !
Can you tell he is a tired little boy ?
He and Pawpaw were in the bed early but I had 12 caramel and 2 chocolate cakes that had to be iced.
I got to bed about midnight.
Thankful tonight for a wonderful family and the joys of being able to spend time with g-son.
Good Night and God Bless.

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