Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Got g-son off to school this morning to start a very busy day for me. As soon as I dropped him off I remembered I needed some baking supplies from Walmart.  That wasn't one of the "to dos" on my list today but it had to be done.
When I got home and got the supplies unloaded I started a load of laundry before I went out to do the chores.  With all the ins and outs I have today it is going to be hard to get the laundry done today. I don't like leaving either my washer or dryer running if I'm not here.
After chores and breakfast I squeezed in a short walk while the laundry dried.
These are the potted plants I planted last week and have never gotten around to getting a picture of them.

Some of these are perennials and some are annuals . I thought I would try these red Geraniums on the sides of the back door instead of the ferns that I usually have here.
My yellow Iris are blooming now.
Along with this beautiful rose.
Sage blossoms are really good in salads, they give a spicy flavor.
This Rhoddie has just a few blooms on it again this year. I'm thinking it needs some type of fertilize that it is not getting.
The Kousa Dogwood is covered with blooms this year.
I had a doctor appointment at 11:00 in Asheville, then I stopped and did more grocery shopping on the way home.
Got home just in time to have a quick lunch before getting Dolly to the groomer at 1:00.
Back home ,thankfully I have found a new groomer that is only about 10 minutes away, I did more laundry and housecleaning.
I picked up g-son and we were here just long enough for him to eat a snack before the groomer called to pick up Dolly.
Dolly is missing one of her toenails. The groomer said she was like that when she came in so I'm not sure what happened.  I didn't see any blood at anytime or notice her limping but she isn't bleeding or limping now either so who knows what happened. Her haircut is exactly what I wanted so that is nice for a change.
I finished the last load of laundry for the week while g-son played with some building blocks.
After d-in-love picked up g-son I did chores and then relaxed for the evening, tired from all today's running around.
Blackberries are really blooming every where this year, hopefully there will be a lot of sweet tasting wild berries this year.
With a high temperature of 73 and a mostly sunny day it is a very nice comfortable evening to watch the sunset.
Grateful for safe travel as I did all my running around today and for the loving grace of my precious Savior.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

You really did have a very busy day. I would have been bushed. Lovely pictures of the flowers around your yard. Blessings