Thursday, May 15, 2014


Well the storm must not have been that bad overnight or either I was really tired.  Going to sleep with the sound of gentle raindrops on the roof,I slept through the night without any rude awakenings.
However there are many things that have been moved around the yard this morning and the windows and doors show evidence of wind and rain.
There is almost 2 inches in the rain gauge and the creek is running bank full as I cross over it on the way to take g-son to school.
The rain has slacked to a light drizzle this morning so I guess I will go to market. Last night I told hubbie if it was still pouring and storming this morning I probably would stay home as market would be a ghost town for sure.
As I drove to market the roads were pretty vacant and market was the same.
Hardly any sellers even ventured out into this nasty dreary morning.
I have played with a neighbor's two little girls and am catching up on all my internet stuff while I wait for a few fleeting customers that wander through.
I am very thankful for the few things I did sell.
After market I made stops at the bank and P.O. , Aldi and Ingles and made it home at 3:10.
I unloaded and got everything put away before having a snack.
Hubbie came in from work and we rested while we watched the news.
It is really quite cool outside this evening with the arrival of the cold front. It has been in the mid 60's all day and tonight is going to be in the low 40's, brrr.. Close the windows and get out the extra blankets !!
After chores I dumped another 3/10ths inch of rain from the gauge to bring the total from the storm to over 2 1/4" for our area.  Thanking the Lord for sparing us from the worst of this storm.
We ate supper then I cleaned out the refrigerator.  It's funny how things just seem to pile up in there ?
My chickens will be very happy with their scrap bucket offerings in the morning.
Continuing with the May decade pics, back in May of 1984 we were an active little family thanks to these two sweet little boys, ages 30 months and 14 months .

We always made an early beach trip to Myrtle Beach,SC in those days to start off the summer season.

My nephew Aaron was four years old this year.
 Love the happy memories these photos bring back !
Thanking God for a blessed life and striving to serve Him each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Oh the memories!!!! Love the old photos... Looks like a Happy Family ---and it still is!!!!!

We had rain all night (light) --which we needed, but nothing serious. But--it turned cold.. It was in the 50's all day--but felt colder. I had to drag out the sweatshirt again.


linda m said...

Love the pictures; everyone looks so happy. We have had rain on and off all week with night time temps around 38. I had to turn the heat back on it was so cold in the house, even in the day time. HAve a great weekend. And God bless you.