Wednesday, April 30, 2014


After getting g-son his breakfast this morning I hurried downstairs to open the door for daughter who was arriving with her baked goods.
No storms for us last night thankfully and I was glad for a good night of sleep. I slept so deeply it took me a few minutes after the alarm sounded this morning to figure out what was going on ! ??
I had a pretty routine morning of chores, breakfast and then cake baking.  My baking time got extended when I had a couple orders called in, one for 6 caramel cakes.
I had to turn the oven off with the last 2 pound cakes in it and head out to school to meet daughter at the FFA plant sale.  Teachers get to go in early, (and teacher's moms too),haha  .
We also had Rebekah's order so we made a healthy dent in their inventory.
And even after all this we have come up with a couple other flats that we missed today!  The prices are great and it helps the FFA dept. as well.
I sat in an extra long line at car-rider pick-up today for some reason.
And cars were lined up behind me as far as I could see !
The clouds are still hanging on but still no rain for us.  It has been a little cooler today.
After I got g-son settled with his mac and cheese and chocolate milk I stuffed some pillows I had sewed up. I got these 9 small eyelet pillows made before #1 son came after g-son.
My sewing stack is shrinking little by little !!!
As a light rain started falling we did chores early in case the rain got harder but it didn't and it stopped after about 30 minutes.
I did weekly paperwork, still surprised that April is already gone leaving me with several extra task to catch up in May.
I iced caramel,chocolate and a coconut cake tonight.  Hubbie washed and got all the eggs ready for market to help me get an earlier bedtime.
May is starting out with some very calm, cool, dry weather, just what we need to catch up with the weeds in the garden and get out all the  plants !
Thankfully this calm weather will help all the victims of the storms of the last couple days recover what they can.  I pray for all the families that lost property and especially the families of the 35 folks who lost their lives during these storms. May God comfort and care for them.
Thankful for all the blessings God sent my way today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Your little pillows are so very pretty. Glad you got all those plants - they look lovely. I too have been praying for all the folks affected by all the rains and storms. Blessings