Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Wow !!! What a night !!!  Around midnight last night the thunder,lightening and rain began and continued relentlessly until after 4am this morning. Our county was put under a tornado watch from midnight until 7am this morning. The thunder at times was so loud we just knew lightening had struck something very close but couldn't find any evidence of lightening strikes this morning.
Poor Bernie who is deathly afraid of all the storm noise spent most of the night under the covers between my legs shivering so that I couldn't have slept even if I could have gotten used to the thunder. The lightening was so intense the sky stayed ablaze with it.

The pouring rain was deafening and I was very surprised this morning to find only 1 & 1/2" in the gauge.  I guess the strong winds with the storms made it sound like it was raining harder than it was.
We are some of the very fortunate ones not to have lost electric or had any flooding problems as those just in the next county were not so lucky. This is in Bumcombe county where they recieved over 5 inches of rain flooding many low areas and forcing rescues of folks in these flooded houses.
As g-son and I drove to school this morning the rain stopped falling.   I made a trip to Walmart on my way home to pick up some baking supplies. I love going to Walmart early in the morning because there is hardly anyone in there and it makes for a fast shopping trip. I was home by 8:30.
After chores and breakfast I started the weekly laundry and housework.
The clouds grew darker as the day went on but no more rain thankfully.
I had lunch, finished up some laundry and headed over to school to pick up g-son early for his dermatologist appointment.  He has a  couple large plantar warts on the bottom of one of his feet.
He was really worried at what the doctor was going to do to get them off but we played pick a color game all the way across the mountain to meet his mom and kept his mind off it.
It wound up not being so bad as they shaved the warts off and gave him some acid cream to put on them.  He said in a phone call after he left the doctor that it didn't hurt at all, only tickled.
As I drove home back across the mountain through Terry's Gap I noticed the green seems so much brighter today after the rains of last night.  In this pic it is easy to see why they call this a "gap".
These mountains are beautiful in the fall with all the colored leaves but today they have a beauty also with all the shades of green.

Gas prices keep going up as I passed our friends store.
Some of the later blooming apple trees.
I had a little visitor this evening while her mom went to a meeting at work.  Dolly loves for her to throw her tennis ball for her.
She is growing up way to fast and is so smart.  She is picking up her linking blocks and putting them back in their bag, then she zipped it up and handed it to me !
Her dad picked her up to go home and have supper with him. 
After chores a lady came and bought 2 of the Silkie chicks I have for sale. She brought her teen age daughter with her and she saw several more things that she wanted and they might come back to buy.
It started misting a light rain by the time it got dark and there was a noticable chill in the air. At 10:30 tonight it is 60 degrees, that is 10 degrees lower than this time last night.
We are now under a flood warning for the hard rains that are headed our way overnight again tonight.
 Hoping to get to sleep tonight more than last night so maybe the storms will hit these cooler temps and fall apart.
God is good and He knows what's best.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

The pictures you posted are so pretty - love seeing the color green. We are still wanting for things to start growing and blooming. Glad you made it safely through the first round of storms. Praying for all those hard hit by them. Stay safe through your next round. God keep you under His protection.

Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Gorgeous pictures of the countryside.
Lot's of rain and storms, be careful!
We had ours over the weekend. More to come for us later next week.