Wednesday, April 16, 2014


BRRRR!!!!   Feeling like January this morning instead of April as we got up early to get the chores done and check for wind damage from the strong winds all through the night.
Only one wind victim so far that we found and that was the rooster cage that was inside the pullet lot. The wind must have gusted under the roof and blew it right off and up against the fence as it turned the entire cage upside down. Luckily there were no feathered friends in there at the time. This is minor if this is all we find. The temperature is still 28 at 7:30 this morning so we decided to leave the blankets and sheet covers on the garden as tonight's temp is again supposed to be in the upper 20's.
Even in the cold windy (not near as bad as last night) weather Rebekah and Evy came over and we four headed down the mountain to the Pickens Flea Market.  We talked yesterday and decided even with the weather it might be a good day to go as it is the week before Easter and spring break for a lot of the school systems.
Evy made the trip like a champ. She gets a little whiny but is easily appeased with a new toy or book.
The flea market was more vacant than I have ever seen it,guess some folks did not like this cold weather.  We still found several deals and did find the main thing I went for, flavorings, the man that had them seemed shocked when we bought as many as we did.  But for $3 for a 7 oz bottle of the "Happy Home" brand that I have used for years I can't beat that deal anywhere and it might be a while before I get back down here and he might not be here next time so I stocked up.
Hubbie found some huge Blueberry plants that are already in bloom.  We also found bread for the freezer and several other items.  Nothing that really stood out today.
The market was crowded in places but mostly we didn't have any trouble. There were lots of strollers but by this time Evy got tired of riding in hers and we were taking turns carrying her.

D-in-love wanted some Azaleas so I sent her a picture of these and made hubbie stand beside them so she could see how big they were.  These were a good deal at $15 each for this size. I'll have to remember to check where my thumb is next time I take a pic, haha.

Rebekah, Evy and me posing for a blog pic. That big picture came home with Rebekah to make a collage in the beautiful large frame.
This is probably the least haul we have ever came back up the mountain with. I see a trip back down here on a nice warm day soon !!

We stopped and had lunch , went by daughter's house and let Tipper her dog out for a run on our way home and made it home around 3:00.
The reason daughter isn't home is that she went with #1 son, d-in-love and g-son to Dollywood.
They had a nice cool day up there also but it looked like by the pictures they sent they had a great time.
G-son,daughter and #1 son ride the big train around the park.
D-in-love in the green jacket rides this ride with g-son and his friend, Andrew,both with their heads turned.
Daughter and g-son on another ride.
G-son  with the Owls !
G-son and Andrew.
They had a great time as did we so this day was a nice "spring break" kinda day !!!
After a short rest when we got home I did chores and then spent the evening icing cakes and getting things ready for market.
Grateful to God tonight for traveling mercies for all my family today and for the wonderful blessings He sends my way each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

A great day out at the flea market and with family. You did make out shopping!!!