Saturday, April 5, 2014


Off to market on this cool, 42 degree and breezy morning.  I was glad I opted for a long sleeved blouse this morning. D-in-love works on Saturdays at her mom and dad's restaurant to earn extra money so #1 son called before we left saying g-son wanted to go to the market today.
Hubbie picked him up on the way and took #1 son to a road up the creek from us and dropped him off so he could fish his way back down here. Today is opening day of trout season here and the creek that runs by our place is stocked by the NC Wildlife org.
Market was slower today then last week but I had a decent day. Still have taken 0 orders for Easter which is a little strange but maybe they will come.
G-son was very good and was a very good little helper all day.    He didn't want to leave with hubbie when he left to go shopping at Walmart and Sams.
Daughter came by for  a while before lunch then she headed out to have lunch with the other church youth director to plan some activities.
I was glad g-son was still there when it was time to load back up because he really helped me carry all my things to the van.
We stopped by Wendy's and got some late lunch on the way home.
Later this afternoon he got to go fishing with his dad and Rebekah's brother who is visiting for the weekend.  He caught one fish while he was there.  He is not a very patient fisherman.

Rebekah brought her little 3 year old nephew over to see the baby chicks this evening but he had the same reaction as Evy and wouldn't touch them.
I put the new divider in the big chick box that has the heat light in it and put the new mama and her 5 babies in there in their own little  section tonight after the cool day we've had and a cool night forecast.
We are in for more coolness and rain in the next several days.
Hubbie and I spent a quiet evening on this Saturday watching parts of the March Madness games and our Saturday night country music shows.
God Is so good all the time !!
Good Night and God Bless.

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