Tuesday, April 1, 2014

APRIL FOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Mother Nature gets the April Fool award this year for her surprise rain this morning.
With all forecast for a bright sunny upper 70's day I was surprised to wake to the sound of rain.
I loaded up all my rugs last night in the van to take them to the laundry after dropping g-son off and as I drove to the laundry I was trying to come up with a plan to dry them if the rain continued. They all have rubber backs and can't be put into the dryer.
When I drove in the laundry attendant was just unlocking the doors.  I got my favorite large washer so I knew it wasn't going to take long to get this done.
While I watched the laundry tumble in the washers the rain outside stopped.
I got home and left things in the van while I did the chores and checked the radar to see if any rain was with these dark clouds that were hanging low.
No signs of rain anywhere in our area so I hung all the rugs on the clothes line and started my regular Tuesday laundry.
I did some housework between three loads of laundry. 
At lunch time I was surprised when the weather girl said the high for today was going to be 77 as I looked outside at the still totally cloudy sky.
I did more housework and as I came upstairs from putting the last load of laundry in the dryer the sun had finally broken through the cloudy sky.
I had to go outside for a little while before I picked up g-son to enjoy the warmth.
And warm it got, our high exceeded the noon weather girl's prediction and reached 81. This is the first time the thermometer has reached the 80's since the first week of last October.
As I walked outside I noticed my favorite Daffodils were finally in bloom.
Love these colorful beauties and in this bed with these pretty purple Hyacinths they really shine.
It won't take long for all the plants to catch up in this warm weather.
I picked up g-son and he played "April Fools" jokes on me all the way home from school.  As he jumped out of the van to turn the dogs out he tossed me his book bag as usual.  But today the book bag felt really strange and very light. I looked inside and saw that his homework folder wasn't there. When I asked him about it he thought I was playing a "April Fools" joke back on him. After about five minutes he realized I wasn't joking and started to cry. He said he had laid his folder on his desk with his Library book and forgot it. I called the school and they got it from his teacher and held it in the office until we could get back over there.  Disaster averted !!!!
After his dad picked him up I made a trip into town to pick up some baking supplies for tomorrow. I am going to have to get into my seasonal schedule with market now open on Thursday's also.
I got hubbie to help me move a chick house into another spot to be easier to get to so I can put my last Silkie setter into her own abode tomorrow.
That will fill all my hatching boxes.  Thankfully the black Silkie that is sitting on the last of my Blue rooster's eggs has one little chick hatched this evening. She has been such a devoted setter I'm definitely glad she will have at least one baby to reward her for her dedication.
Hubbie and I took a nice break out in the outside patio tonight to watch darkness come.
Grateful tonight for the love of a wonderful Lord.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Your flowers are so pretty. Sure wish some would poke their little heads out around here. We still have one or two piles of snow on the ground. Poor little g-son. At least you were able to divert his little mishap. I can just see his face when he realized what had happened. Blessings