Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Just as I got in bed last night about 11:30 the bottom fell out and the rain pounded on the metal roofing so much so that the noise woke hubbie who had been asleep for over an hour.
Either it didn't rain long or the sound lulled me to sleep as I don't remember hearing it long. There was another 1/4" in the gauge this morning.
As g-son and I ventured out to school it was a cool 40 degrees and the clouds were still low and dark.
As I went up to do the chores this morning this fellow (or Lady) greeted me with a glare.
This netting has been over the Silkie lot for over a year now and this is the first bird that has fallen victim to it's entanglement properties.
This guy was scared but he wasn't flapping around so it was pretty easy to untangle him and I saw no injuries except a little red skin on one shoulder where I had to cut the netting loose. He was not happy with my handling him and bit me at every opportunity. I didn't realize how strong their beaks were, ouch !!!
I sat him over into the fenced garden to gather his senses from hanging upside down and it didn't take him long to zoom off into the woods behind the garden. I wondered if this was one of the Robins from the nest under the shed last year ?
After a morning of bird freeing, chores, breakfast, crossword solving, Bible reading and a walking video I got the Tuesday laundry and housework started.
The bridge builders are back today after a couple days off and are setting the flooring on the second section by hauling the large cement bars one at a time on special tractor trailer trucks.  They have had the road mostly blocked all morning. Glad I don't have to go anywhere today !
After lunch I finished the upstairs housework and the laundry then cleaned around the wood stove downstairs.  We have decided not to use this stove anymore even if it does get cold again because the last couple fires we had in it smoked alot and quickly built up a creasote covering inside the pipe.
Hubbie thinks it is getting too much leaked in air.  We will replace it before next winter.
After I picked up g-son I helped him build some block structures and we read some in a book he found until his dad got here to pick him up.
I did chores this evening and took these pics of the little families of chicks so far this year.
This is the first hatched chicks of last month behind the wire partition that hubbie made last week.
 All ten chicks made it, they are five weeks old now and almost fully feathered out so they will be moving into an outside hutch soon with only mama hen to keep them warm.
These are the five little orpintons that hatched last week, as they eat under the watchful eye of mom.
I noticed with the recent rain the early garden vegies are coming up. The rabbit guard is doing the job of keeping the tender plants safe. We put movable panels at the shed end so hubbie can drive the rototiller in and out of that end.
You can see by the shadows that the sun finally made an appearance late this afternoon.  The 20mph+ steady wind on this 58 degree day has made it feel very chilly out here all day.
Tonight is suppose to get to the upper 30's with another chance of rain showers as a front pushes through the area clearing us out and eventually allowing us to warm up for the weekend.
Grateful to God for the blessings of the day and for the strength He gives me each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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