Saturday, April 12, 2014


Some mornings are for unknown reasons for me just more hectic than others and this morning was one of them. When I headed out to do the feeding chores I noticed the clock in the dining room said it was already 9:00, maybe it is running fast again as it has in the past when the batteries get bad.
After chores I  realized it was not fast and rushed through getting my make-up on, almost forgetting to remove the electric curlers from my hair. (my wouldn't have that been a sight)  !
I was heading out the door just as Rebekah rolled up so we loaded some things in her SUV and away we went.
Market gets a little busier each day now and I had a good day today.
Rebekah's business was slow but folks are going to have to learn that there is "gluten free" baked goods in market now.  I think she did fine for a first day and so did little Evy as she had everyone charmed shortly after she made her appearance.
One of the ladies came dressed as the Easter bunny on her way to an egg hunt but Evy was not impressed at all with this big white creature !!

Hubbie stayed and helped us get all set up and then he went to Sam's Club to pick up chicken breast for tomorrow's lunch.
#1 son and g-son came by for a little while to visit as they were killing time while d-in-love worked.
One downside to the day was a complaint lodged by another lady about a bath saltz Rebekah made for sale.  I don't understand people sometimes when things like this happen but I am thankful for the grace that God gives me to refrain from this pettiness. I have never thought of complaining about what anyone else sells even though this very lady started making some of the very same things I have made for years. I never thought about lodging a complaint against her and still sell my things also.
My thoughts today on this are that if my business success ever depends on me having to put other vendors out of business I will stay home !! 
All in all it was a good day for everyone except little Evy as on her way home she got violently ill, throwing up profusely.  Her mom is gluten intolerant and the doctor gave the okay last week to start Evy on gluten to see if she had inherited her mom's intolerance. Today was her first gluten day and we are thinking that maybe why she got so sick so suddenly.  I talked to Rebekah a little while ago and she said she hasn't thrown up anymore but is just sleeping most of the time. She has drank water and nursed and kept that all down so far.  Bless her heart it is so hard to see them sick when they are so small, especially a smiley, happy little thing like Evy.
I spent some time this evening walking on another beautiful 76 degree sunny day. The water in the creek was clear today but this almost looks like a black and white photograph with the delay in the spring leafing out  up season coming slower this year.
The pasture is greening up nicely way ahead of all the leaves on the trees.
There was a flock of chattering Red Winged Blackbirds mocking me each time I walked by.
I think they thought they were hidden by all the branches.
I enjoy these walks as it is my time of communing with God and all His wondrous creations and a time of reflecting over the day's events.
As I came back up to the house the moon was rising high in a Carolina blue sky .
Tonight was moving night for the oldest chicks.They are almost fully feathered at 5 weeks old so they no longer need the lighted brooder box. I moved them to the large rabbit cage in the big lot. I will leave mama with them until they get settled into their new abode and the near freezing temperatures of the upcoming week get past.
I saw a couple little heads peeking out from under one of the condo setters this evening so I will be moving them under the light when they are all hatched before the cold temps arrive.
Seeing those little fluffy soft newly hatched chicks hatch never gets old to me.

God gives wondrous Peace. Praying for Evy tonight that she gets better quickly and it becomes clear what is wrong.
Good Night and God  Bless.

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