Sunday, April 27, 2014


Woke to another beautiful morning today.  After chores and breakfast I got ready and went to church.
We had a good sermon today from Romans 7 .
After the service Daughter, d-in-love, Rebekah and Evy and I went out to check out the estate sale. We haven't been in quite a while since they changed their hours to only Saturday and Sunday from 10:00-2:00.
Since we were planning a spaghetti lunch, hubbie, #1 son and Aaron went home to get things started while we shopped.
The sale wasn't very good, I bought a hose reel that hubbie had spotted yesterday when he stopped by for 1/2 price along with a set of TV tables and a new small water bath canner for my haul. Daughter bought a tray of randon kitchen gadgets and d-in-love and Rebekah didn't find anything they couldn't live without.
We had a nice lunch followed by fresh strawberry short cake, yummy !!!
Everyone was here except #2 son who is golfing.
After everyone left Hubbie and I went out in the back patio to soak up some Vitamin D under a hazy sky.
The warm sunshine felt so good before I realized it I was sound a sleep.  Guess the busy week just caught up with me.  I hope this doesn't mean I won't sleep tonight.  When I woke up I had to laugh as my nose was all stuffy and I was covered with pollen that was blowing off the trees in the yard.
Probably not a good thing for my ailing sinus !!!
We came inside and watched the evening news then visited with #2 son who came by for left overs for his supper.
The air outside tonight is heavy with moisture and we are probably in for our first real storms of the season in the next couple days with this system that is already causing severe weather and tornadoes as it comes across the country.
It is 66 degrees tonight at 10:30 !
To end the decade pics for the month of April I found these pictures of some folks I would like to know how they had a connection with my family.

Hopefully someone will recognize some of these names and let me know who they are and why there are several pictures among my mother's old photo albums.
No rain yet as of 11pm but the air is sticky and the smell of rain is in the air .
Several counties to the west of ours are under flood warnings but so far not us.
Grateful to God for the blessing of a wonderfully blessed Sunday and striving to honor Him in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hope you find out info about the old pictures. Seems as if we all have some old photos we can't identify.... Oh Well.

Your Sunday dinners always sound so good --especially that strawberry short cake today... YUM.....

Stay safe this week. We are ALL in for some rough days ahead I'm afraid.


linda m said...

Can't remember the last time I had strawberry shortcake. Sounds so good to me. I think we are all in for some bad weather this week. Please stay safe.