Saturday, April 19, 2014


A rainy morning greeted us today. It has already rained overnight creating lots of mud to slip through to do the chores.
Market was busy today as folks rallied to get that perfect Easter dessert.  Daughter and Rebekah also did well today as many customers welcomed a nice inside place to get out of the rainy day.
This is me in my Easter egg vest getting ready for market this morning.
I was joined by this little bunny rabbit at market.

Love the bunny tail !!!!!!
It was a fun day as family and friends came by market to visit.
After market I only made one stop in the rain on the way home at Aldi to pick up some baking supplies.
It was raining harder when I got home than it has all day.  After we got the van unloaded it was break time.
More rain made doing evening chores a cold wet time again in the mid 40's temps.  No fire tonight but plenty of snuggling with my 4-legged kids.
As Jesus lay in his tomb on this day after he was crucified all worked stopped in recognition of the Sabbath.  I am so grateful for the unbelievable sacrifice our Gracious Heavenly Father gave for us.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy Adams said...

Happy Easter to you. Hope you have a blessed day. We are enjoying the day with family on this gorgeous Easter day!

Cutest little bunny rabbit I've ever seen!!!!