Friday, April 25, 2014


On the way to school this morning the mountains were hidden in the low clouds but no rain yet.
After chores and breakfast and still no rain the sun was beginning to break through the clouds and I went out to enjoy the spring morning.  Beautiful birds such as this Dove are flitting about searching for nesting material.
Blooming Money Plant.
This is the only Redbud tree that is still in bloom.
More azaleas are beginning to bloom looks like the cold nights didn't completely kill the blooms.
This Hosta bed is really starting to make up for a slow start.
Cayenne surrounded by green !
I don't know why but work on the bridge building has come to a complete halt.

I called Markeeta my beautician and she had an opening at 11:00 so I got my hair cut. She always likes to create her own style for my hair. Usually I don't like it but today it looks very good, I'm just not sure about the bangs ?

I came home and started baking , 6 caramel and 4 pound cakes later I had a late lunch.
The skies have clouded back up this afternoon and I thought I heard it thunder in the distance but we still got no rain.  I watered all my indoor plants, I'm still not comfortable putting them outside yet, maybe this weekend.
As I picked up g-son this afternoon the clouds had lifted off the mountains but were still hanging around.
As I sat at the redlight coming up from the school I looked across the road and thought there is no doubt what time of year it is.
Seems to me there are more campaign signs this year than I have noticed before. As I drove just a short distance down highway 64 I counted 25 signs !!
G-son was in a good mood this afternoon as he is always on Friday afternoon.
After his dad picked him up I made a white bonnet that a lady is supposed to come back for tomorrow or Thursday.
I need to start sewing up the stack of cut outs I have sitting by my sewing machine.
After chores I iced cakes and got things ready for market.
Hubbie got on the lawn mower when he came home from work and finished the mowing tonight.
I feel kind of yucky tonight, hope I'm not coming down with something. The wind has blown pretty hard today and the pollen is probably bothering me.
I got all my Easter decorations down and ready to put away for another year.
I am thankful for a beautiful day and for the beauty of the season, all created by our Gracious Heavenly Father.
Good Night and God Bless.

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