Sunday, April 20, 2014


The 59th annual sunrise service at Chimney Rock park was a beautiful one today. As the last haze dried up from yesterday's and last night's 1 1/2 inches of rain the sun rose radiantly above the horizon just as on this fateful day years ago when the mourners found the stone rolled away and an empty tomb where Jesus had been.
Grateful for the love of God and His son who died for all our sins.
We had a wonderful church service this morning. Among readings from several different Bible passages singers sang meaningful Easter hymns bringing many sniffles and tears to a packed church. As we celebrated the Lord's Supper to give thanks for the sacrifice God made for all of us it was a very moving service.
I put a 12 pound pork shoulder in the oven before church and when we came home we fixed sweet potato casserole, lima beans, corn, potato salad,rolls and sweet tea for our Easter lunch. #2 son, daughter, Aaron, Rebekah and Evy ate with us today as #1 son's family is in Tennessee visiting d-in-love's grandparents.
After lunch everyone left to do other things,leaving hubbie and I to relax for the afternoon. I sat outside enjoying the fragrance from my few Lilac blooms this year.
It was a really warm, nice sunny Easter Sunday and we all enjoyed it very much just relaxing and relishing God's love for us.
I had time to reflect on many Easter memories from the past today just like this one that happened in 1984 with our two little boys enjoying their Easter Bunny booty !!!
The Easter bunny always visited our house and left goodies to wake up to on Easter morning.
Then it was into our Easter wardrobe for the day.  Love these little suits !!!
What is Easter without chocolate bunnies and Peeps ???

After church we headed up on Sugarloaf mountain to hubbie's grandmother Ila's house for lunch followed by a fun egg hunt with all the cousins.

Hubbie's dad was a regular visitor on Sundays.
Wonderful Easter memories.
I thought of all these tonight as I prepared g-son's Easter basket to surprise him tomorrow morning as he has been gone all weekend.
HAPPY   EASTER to all my blogger friends, hope your Easter Sunday was all you hoped it would be as the sunset was also glorious tonight.

Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

Happy Easter to you also. What wonderful memories and the photos are just great. I remember my father always waking us up early on Easter Sunday for the 6 AM sunrise service at out church. We had to drive for 20 minutes to get to church so needless to say we had to get up early. Always a very inspiring service with lots of singing and even trumpets for the Hallelujah chorus. My hubby and I had a very restful Sunday and enjoyed God's day. Blessings