Monday, April 14, 2014


An early wrong number phone call this morning had me awake before g-son got here today.  It was strange to see him come in without a backpack or jacket.  Spring break is good for him this year,maybe it will get him through the rest of the first grade  !!!
He had breakfast and then went to work on construction projects with different types of blocks. he seemed so happy to just be here !!
After I did chores and had my breakfast I caught up on some paperwork then ventured out to my sewing shop in the misty rain to get some cutting done.
G-son probably made a dozen trips out there to check on me. He went through some craft supply boxes and found a couple large eyes he wants me to sew on a one-eyed snake he has.
I finished a pile of sewing projects before lunch. I have 6 towel aprons,10 jean aprons,1 large bonnet, 2 baby bonnets, 10 small pillows and four herbal sinus packs cut out and ready to sew up.
After g-son and I had lunch we read a book together and then worked a puzzle before he went back to his building projects. He wished we could play outside but the nasty rainy weather put that on hold.
I poured 3/10ths inches from the gauge this evening from a slow drizzle that fell all day.
His dad picked him up to run some errands and pick them up some supper while mom was at music practice at church.
After chores this evening #2 son came by to visit since he missed lunch yesterday.
I went downstairs and finished my herbal sinus packs tonight.
I also spent time getting out my decade pictures for April over the years.
I found these pictures from April 1954 when my dad built the pond across the road from our then house.  I have some pics of the bulldozer actually dozing out the dirt but couldn't find them. These are after the pond was finished and full of water. It didn't take it long to fill with water because there are several large springs that feed the pond.

Here is my dad guiding his boat with my mom's sisters, Mary and Hattie and her husband getting the first ride on the water. Guess my mom who was 6 months pregnant with me at this time thought it was safer to be the photographer than to ride.
This is also a pic I found with the date of April 1954 on it. I think this is a picture of my mom's father,Jessie and his then wife.
Today's temperature has been a mild upper 60's under thick clouds and drizzle with heavy rains moving in tonight followed by falling temperatures for tomorrow and a hard freeze warning for tomorrow night. Guess we will be trying to wrap our garden in warm blankets tomorrow night.
Wonder if this qualifies for Dogwood Winter or the Easter Cold Spell ???????

Today is the second day of Holy Week. This is the day Jesus cleared the Temple of all the traders and money changers, turned over all their tables and drove them out.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

G-son looks very happy in your pictures. Guess he really did need the break. We had snow yesterday which stuck to the ground. Sure has been a long winter. At least Easter week reminds me of Spring and flowers. May God shower you with His love.