Tuesday, April 22, 2014


A sunny morning surprised me today as I was expecting clouds.
After getting g-son to school I did the chores and had breakfast.  I have my yearly physical appointment at 11:30 today so I didn't start any laundry yet. I did put all last weeks laundry away and clean the bathrooms before I left.
Now the clouds were starting to roll in and it even came a brief sprinkle of rain on the way to Asheville.
My physical went well except for my white cell count being extremely low again at 2.6.   She prescribed some special vitamins in liquid form to see if that would bring it up some. Last year it was 3.1 so she just wondered why it was lower this year. I have been feeling tireder lately so now I know why.   She thinks it could be my allergies flaring up and just not bothering me in my nose and head. Had to have one of my ears washed out as usual but other than that she found no problems. She did give me a hug for being so healthy and told me that about 85 % of 60 year old women take at least 5 different medications every day and I take none !!  Not yet anyway, and not quite to the big 60 yet!!!
I told her I thank God each night for my health.
After stopping by the drug store to pick up the vitamins and picking up a Wendy's apple pecan chicken salad I made it home around 2:00.
I started a load of laundry and ate my salad before going to pick up g-son.
It rained pretty hard while I was in Asheville but here we haven't gotten but about 1/10th of an inch.
The clouds have hung around all day and the dampness makes it feel cool.
I finished my laundry and housework for the day while g-son ate and watched TV.
After his dad picked him up Hubbie and I watched the evening news.
After chores and a relaxing time out in the sunroom watching darkness come I am blogging and heading to bed early.
Before I go I need to continue my decade pics since I don't have any pics for today.
In April 1994 the kids were in 6th,5th and 3rd grades so they were too old for the Easter bunny so there are no Easter pictures.
Little League Baseball was the sport of the season and #2 son loved playing the game.
#1 son was more interested in football so he didn't play this year.
In this pic with me at my Curb Market table is #2 son and daughter with out neighbor Jean Corn in the back. Jean had the tables beside me until she died in 2008.
Jean was a good friend and I had known her all my life as her mom and dad and mine were friends.
This is her obit.
In April of 1994 I also made my first trip to the Biltmore House as a chaperone with #2 son's  5th grade class.
The house view has changed a little in the past 20 years as this was in February of this year.

Of course you can't take pictures of a big 5th grade boy with all his friends around so I made pictures out the bus window of passing scenery.
I can't remember exactly what happened on that trip but I do remember all we did was go through the house. We didn't get to go out to see the blooming spring flowers. I think maybe it started to rain.
I do remember eating lunch under a picnic shelter.
I made a lot of trips with all three of my kids on their field trips when they were in school for some great memories.
UPDATE ....  On my friend who was burned yesterday. Fortunately he had no organ damage from the burns and he had some grafting surgery today and is expected to be able to come home tomorrow.  Thanks very much for the prayers they worked !!!!!!!!!!!!
Very grateful to God tonight for the good report at the doctor's today and I pray that it be His will for me to stay healthy for many more years.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Great news on the man who was burned... Thanks be to God.

Congrats on a good bill of health... I am 71 --and still take no medications (other than vitamins, etc.).... SO--hopefully, you can continue to say the same thing in 10+ years....

My Vit. D was low this time --so I started an OTC vitamin of that... Guess I won't have any trouble with my "D" now that spring is here and we are in the yard ALOT...

Biltmore looks about the same, doesn't it?


linda m said...

Very happy to hear the good news about the man who was burned - praise God. Also congratulations on passing your physical. I am pushing 67 and don't take any medication other that vitamins and some Advil. Blessings