Monday, April 21, 2014


G-son was in a surprisingly good mood this morning after a week of spring break.  The Easter bunny had left him a bucket of goodies to help get his day off to a good start.
I spent the morning cleaning out all my chicken houses and removing the winter plastic from the windows of the houses.  Hope I don't regret that ?!!
I refilled my manure compost bin again to wait on the manure to "cool" down enough to put on the garden for fertilize. As I recovered all the bottoms of the houses in fresh shavings I went to the barn to get another bag of shavings to finish the job. I knew this open bag was sitting on this shelf.
As I reached for the bag a little Wren flew out almost hitting me in the face. I looked to see why she would have been inside this bag and was surprised to see this little nest on top of the shavings inside the bag.
I raked out what I needed to finish my job and left the bag open for her return as I couldn't see far enough in to see if there were eggs in the nest or not.
After lunch hubbie and I planted some tomato and pepper plants a man gave him in the garden. We know this is a bit early but we can cover them if it gets too cold.
We also planted the Blueberry bushes that we bought at the flea market last week.
This is a new Blueberry bed beside this old greenhouse.
As I walked around the farm the apple trees seem to have burst into bloom overnight in these warmer temps. Today's high was 77 degrees and full sunshine.
I love this Japanese Maple tree that we moved a couple years as it gets it's beautiful red leaves.
The Wild Mustard is blooming brilliantly around the farm.

After picking up g-son from school I had an early supper as I was hungry with all the work I did today. My muscles are telling me tonight just how much I stooped and lifted today.
After #1 son picked g-son up I did chores early as the clouds rolled in quickly and I thought I heard thunder.   
No rain yet but it is predicted to start later tonight. Hopefully it won't storm but the temperature is still 61 degrees tonight at 10:00.
As I end this post tonight I'd like to ask for prayers tonight for one of hubbie's cousin's who is a teacher with daughter at the high school and a close friend of our family as well. He is the auto mechanics teacher and as he worked on a car this afternoon the radiator hose came loose and he was sprayed with 250 degree radiator fluid. He has 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his neck, chest and stomach. He was flown to an Atlanta burn center shortly after it happened and word was that they had finally gotten his pain level down tonight. Prayers for  Danny and his wife Jennifer would be appreciated.  This is an older pic of them and their son.

As I talked to daughter tonight who is upset as he was one of her best friends at school, I said Jennifer was in line in front of me this afternoon as I picked up g-son from school. She was smiling and waving and seemed so happy.   My how our lives can change in an instant.  I do know that this couple has a strong faith in God so I know they will come out of this stronger.
God will take care of His children.
Good Night and God Bless.

God will comfort !!
Good Night and God Bless


linda m said...

How tragic. I will most certainly pray for them. Blessings

Far Side of Fifty said...

So sad, yes I will pray for them all. Yes things can change in an instant:(