Monday, March 31, 2014


I enjoyed some extra zzzz's this morning on this last day of March 2014 while hubbie got up with g-son and took him to school.
After chores and breakfast I talked to sis-in-law Sandy for awhile catching up on her side of the family.  She had some extra apples so when hubbie and I went out to Southern States to get animal feed, fertilizer and some garden plants we stopped by her house.
After the trip to Southern States we came home for lunch.
The day is wonderful with sunny temperatures heading toward the 70's for the first time this year.
Hubbie and I started cleaning off all the fallen sticks and limbs that blew into the garden yesterday and Rebekah came over to help.
With their delayed property purchase we are gardening together this year.
This is her and hubbie planting our early vegies.
We planted potatoes,onions, lettuce,greens,radishes,peas,kholrabi,spinach,turnips, beets,swiss chard, cabbage plants and I know I forgot some of the things we planted today.
Evy enjoyed the sunshine and being outside in her little play pen beside the garden as she watched us work, it made her thirsty !!
I took a break and went to pick up g-son and he was excited to get home to see Evy.
He had his after school snack up beside the garden where he carried  a small table to eat on.
After he ate he played with Evy although he is so big there wasn't much room for the two of them in the pen.
As we finished the plantings the air got cooler with the setting sun.After  #1 son came after g-son and Rebekah and Evy left  hubbie and I put up a fence around the cabbage plants to keep out the rabbits.
We have decided to fence in the entire garden before the plants start coming up to keep the multitude of rabbits from devouring our hard work.  Last year I never got any peas and very little else from my first plantings because of all the little varmits that helped themselves each night. We are hoping a two foot high roll of chicken wire will deter the nighttime snacks.
I sat another little Silkie today, I'm afraid the little black Silkie that has been deligently sitting all during these cold nights isn't going to have any chicks hatch as today is 21 days and there is no signs of any hatching going on.
This evening was too cool to set outside with a cup of hot tea so we came inside and watched the 6:00 news and then relaxed for the evening.

Guess who's  year old today !!!!!!!!!!!
She sure looks different than this time last year !!!

On this last day of March I can honestly say I am glad to see March finally come to an end. Unlike most months that seen to fly by and leave me wondering how an entire month could have possibly gone by already, this March was not one of those months!!!!
With nasty cold,windy,rainy weather it seems as if winter's grip would not let go. As I shivered through many days I longed for the warm sunshine of spring. All the trees and flowers that normally make March a pretty month were not to be found this year as the cold had them keeping those buds closed tightly.  March has always been a month of funerals for me, loosing my mother,hubbie's mother,some of my favorite aunts and uncles as well as hubbie's grandmother, who was the only grandmother I ever had in past March's make this month dreaded each year and this year there were several funerals of friends and extended family.  I did have our first new life on the farm as the first batch of chicks hatched out.   And of course all the birthdays in this month fill it with brightspots and lovely memories as #1 son turned 31 on the first, Rebekah turned 28 on the 25th, daughter turned 29 on the 26th and of course the happy face above turned one year old today to close out the month with a blessed memory.
Thanking God for the blessings of this month and asking forgiveness for all the complaints in the last month as I recognize that He knows best and all things happen in His time. Looking forward to what He has in store for my family in April 2014.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Happy Birthday to Evy... What a cutie pie.

Love this weather. We worked in the yard today spreading some mulch...

Glad you are getting some of this warm weather also.

linda m said...

Happy Birthday to Evy! She is so precious. I too am so glad to see March leave and April arrive. Just the sound of it makes it feel more like Spring. Happy to hear it is warming up by you. Blessings