Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I can't get used to the darkness again when g-son gets here in the early morning at 7:00.
After a routine morning of school drop-off, chores, walking and devotions I did laundry and house cleaning until lunchtime.
Hubbie took 1/2 day off today to go get g-son from school while I went with daughter to her friend's grandmother's funeral. I wanted to go in support of his mother who has been a long time friend of mine.
Hubbie worked in his shop while he waited for 3:00.
I met daughter at 2:15 and went to the funeral. It was held in a small church called Gethsemane Baptist Church. It was a nice service and daughter's friend spoke about his grandmother and did a very good job. After the service I left while daughter went with the family to a meal prepared for the family.

Rebekah and Evy were here when I got home wanting to see the baby chicks that are hatching. Evy didn't know what to think about the babies but g-son loved them and loves to hold the little soft cuties.
The hen has about 7 chicks now and some are still hatching.  I fixed up a light in the box so I can help her keep her brood warm tomorrow night and the next night as the temps plummet into the low 20's.  Tonight I didn't turn it on because it is supposed to stay in the 50's and rain.
After chores were finished and we had supper hubbie worked on some gourds for Purple Martin houses.
I worked on getting my photo prints into an album tonight.
D-in-love text me at about 10:00 and said her grandmother died about an hour ago.  She has been expected to pass any time for the last week.
I can't figure out what it is about March and death ?   Back when I was a young girl I always dreaded to see the month of March come around because some one I loved always died in that month. I had numerous aunts and uncles pass in March along with my mother, hubbie's mother and grandmother.
As I looked back through decade pics I found two uncles and one cousin who died in the ---4's in March.
My dad's brother Jay Pryor died on March 17,1964. I remember this uncle very well as I spent a lot of time at his house while he and my dad worked together to farm.
This is a picture of Uncle Jay and Aunt Bertha made as they served to witness my dad and mom's marriage in January 1952.

 He was my dad's older brother and they were both tall and lanky with icy blue eyes.
Another of my uncles and my dad's brother's also died on March 30,1924. He was also an older brother of dad's but just a couple years older and dad talked about traveling around with Homer alot.
This is Homer sitting on his car and with a couple girl friends in Sapulta,Ok. according to a note on the back of the pic.

He was probably the handsomest brother and was definitely a ladies man.
This is his grave with the stones laid by his brother in law.  The notation on the head stone said "A Genius,  all who knew him loved him"  I would have loved to have met him but he met an early demise.

A cousin also died in March 22, 1944 when he was killed in the war.

This is a pictured of Jack when he graduated Westpoint.

This year seems to be no different with all the deaths close to my family. So far not even 2 weeks in this is 2 deaths, albeit these were 2 elderly ladies who were battling loosing battles with cancer but still this disease picked March to rear it's ugly head.   Thankfully these ladies are now walking pain free in their eternal homes.
Today in the service I attended the pastor talked about how God is preparing each of us a wonder home with him if we will only dedicate our lives to Him.  I felt a wave of comfort as he talked about the home coming we each will face, knowing that I will finally get to look into the wondrous eyes of my Loving Lord.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

So sorry to hear about the two deaths. I think I know why so many people die in March. It is like what my grandmother (who died in March) once said. She wanted to be in Heaven with Jesus on Easter Sunday. And she died in March right before Easter that year. Thought that was a very good reason. God bless you and the families of those who are now in Heaven with Jesus.