Sunday, March 16, 2014


Rainy morning !!  Sloshed through chores in my coveralls over my PJ's. 
Church was good this morning as our associate Pastor Craig Stepp gave the message in the absence of our senior pastor who is still on a mission trip to the middle east.
Everyone made it to lunch except daughter who needed some extra rest today and headed home after Sunday School.
Aaron and Rebekah grilled/smoked a Boston butt that was delicious and also brought over a potato casserole that was really good along with a chocolate gluten free cake to get our opinion on. Everything was extra good today as I made deviled eggs,corn,green beans and cole slaw to go with sweet tea to drink,yum yum !!
After everyone left hubbie and I spent a rainy, cool Sunday afternoon doing what they are best for, napping !!!
I didn't sleep well last night and  neither did hubbie so we caught up this afternoon. I think when the barometric pressure changes with the weather fronts that come through it affects my sinus and I can't breath good when I lay down.
Another named winter storm is making it's way into our area bringing this rain and some colder temps for the next couple days.
We are all the way to "W" with the storm names. This one is called Wiley.
With only three more days until spring begins maybe we won't get to use the last three names on this list for this winter.
I dumped 6/10ths inch of rain from the gauge this evening at chore time and it was still raining. It is 41 degrees at 11:00 tonight headed probably for the low to mid 30's with a chance of some icy conditions in the morning. Yeah it is still winter !!!
I spent the evening working on my blog book and got all the way into October. With my photos from last year all in albums, finishing this blog book will officially bring my task for 2013 to an end !!
My purpose for tomorrow is to get some sewing crafts cut out and ready to sew. A good task for a cold rainy day.
God is so good and blesses me so much in so many undeserved ways sometimes I am totally awestruck and stay totally humbled in my love for Him.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Your Sunday lunch sounds so yummy. Rainy days are nap days around here also. Can't believe we are in the "w's" with the storms this year. Sure can't wait for the weather to get better. Blessings