Saturday, March 22, 2014


Hubbie and I had an early Saturday morning visitor today as #1 son is participating in the spring work day at church and d-in-love is working at her parents restaurant so g-son arrived early to help us get ready for market.
He did a great job helping get things carried inside and patiently waited for me to wait on a couple customers and finish setting up so I could get my laptop set up for him.
He  loves playing games on this or watching videos of his favorite cartoons.
He walked around market a couple times and bought some popcorn but couldn't find anything more interesting to do.
I had a pretty good day, selling some crafts as well as my baked goods.  I added this Raggedy Ann and Andy to my sales inventory this week.
Hubbie left market early to make a trip to Sam's club, g-son choose to stay with me.
After market he and I went up to the library to look for a couple old books they sell for 25cents each for hubbie to make a couple letters for an order. We both also found some other books we would like. I was surprised when g-son picked up a book and handed it to me saying this was a good book for me, when I saw it was a crossword puzzle book, I didn't even realize he had payed enough attention to what I do to know that I liked working these puzzles.
We came home to meet his mom and dad as his dad was finished with his work at church. Here he is letting one of the younger boys help load the track hoe onto the trailer.
I did chores then sat outside on this nice evening. It has been warm and mostly sunny today, about 68 degrees.
G-son walked up here this evening to have a game of baseball with hubbie and I. We played until it got too dark to see the ball. He had a very good time and we all got our exercise in for the day !!
Hubbie and I spent the rest of the night watching some March madness games.
Grateful for the blessing of good health tonight and for the joys of grandmotherhood !!!
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

You are very blessed indeed.

Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

You had a beautiful time with your grandson, and selling at the market.
The weather sounds so nice there.