Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Another cold low 20's morning to start off what looks like an unseasonably cold month.
This is the weather center predictions for this month and so far they are right on !
As I scraped a dusting of snowy ice from the windshield before g-son and I headed out to school it felt more like January than March. As I drove him to school I noticed all the surrounding mountain tops were covered with the dusting of snow and ice.
I had a pretty routine ,boring day of laundry and housework.  I did manage to get photo prints ordered to catch up last year.
After picking up g-son I listened to him read a library book while we waited on his dad to get here from work.
After chores and supper I laid down on the couch and couldn't keep my eyes open after I snuggled down and got warm. I had to get up and find something to do so I wouldn't ruin my night's sleep.
The temperature today didn't get out of the 30's and now they are saying some ice or snow for Friday morning. This winter just keeps hanging on for some reason.
I did a dance video this afternoon for some exercise but I am longing to get out in the warm sunshine for some long walks.
Praying for God's guidance for all my family tonight and for Aaron and Rebekah as they make major decisions.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Yow---don't like your March Map... I was hoping that Spring was right around the corner. Maybe not!!!

I do know that it has been cold here the past couple of days. We had ice/snow ---and cold temps... It did start melting a bit today --but never did get above about 35 I don't think. Felt miserably cold!!!

Prayers for all.

Gail said...

We are blessed with power and ice.

I am ready for spring. We did have two warm days before this during which we plowed the garden.

Stay warm.

linda m said...

I woke up to snow again today - that is 2 days in a row. Yesterdays total was 3.5 inches. We weren't supposed to get that much. I am praying for Aaron and Rebekah as they pray over their decision. Keep safe and warm. Blessings