Monday, March 17, 2014


Each St. Patricks day now I always laugh at the memory from a couple years ago when g-son was such a Spongebob Square pants cartoon fan.  HE wanted to know  when it was going to be "Spongebob's" day, since this was "Patrick's" day ?????
For those who don't watch "cartoons",haha. Sponge bob is a sea sponge and he has a starfish friend named Patrick.
As for my St. Patricks day, it is a rainy,icy, cold one. Starting out this morning shivering as I did chores while hubbie took g-son to school made my yearning for the warm sunshine of spring even worse. The hens did not even care that I opened the doors to their houses,they were not coming out !!!
Hubbie gets bored on these days and wondered if anyone was having a St. Patrick's sale today, but before I could even answer the rain started pouring down outside so we decided this would be a good staying inside day.
After a boring morning he had to head out to his shop this afternoon for some craft work.
I decided to work on my blog book.  I had planned to work in my sewing shop cutting out some much needed sewing items but with no heat in there I changed my mind !
G-son wanted to know when the cold was ever going to stop when I picked him up from school all bundled up in winter coat and hat.
I poured out another 6/10ths inch of rain from the gauge at evening chore time. It seemed like it had rained much more than that but there was still icicles on the trees and everything above the ground so maybe alot of the rain didn't make it into the gauge.

The temperature is a balmy 33 degrees after a high of 35 today.   Note to Mother Nature, spring is only two days away !!!
After supper I went back to work on my book and finished it around 8:30. I didn't think before I started downloading it that it would take a while so I am blogging on the morning of the 18th and back dating this post.
The book finally finished downloading onto the Blurb website about 11:30 last night. I can't use the computer while it downloads.
There is more ice outside now than there has been all day with the temperature still hovering at 31-32 degrees.  We are under a winter weather advisory until late morning tomorrow for black ice on the roads,be careful out there !!!

Hope everyone had a safe wonderful St. Patrick's day.
Prayerfully grateful for the blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless

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