Wednesday, March 19, 2014


The last day of winter 2014 started off feeling like winter as g-son complained about having to bundle up again in his big coat.
As I did chores a few huge snow flakes fluttered to the ground but were soon just part of the mud that I am slipping around in !
The temperature is 35 as I head inside to have breakfast.
I spent the morning doing my regular routine things along with a walking video to take the place of my outside walk again today as the weather is so cold and dreary.
After lunch I dusted the upstairs and cleaned some downstairs. I will be glad when I can move all the plants out of there and get all the dead leaves cleaned up.
After I picked up g-son and got him settled in with his regular mac and cheese snack I worked on some paperwork in my office.
Hubbie and I did chores early to get ready to have a pizza supper with #1 son,d-in-love, Aaron and Rebekah and of course these two little loves.  They played so well together while their mom's went to pick up the pizza.

Hubbie went with #1 son to sell an old truck he had and Aaron was feeding hay to the cattle so we ladies and children didn't wait for them,the pizza was delicious.
After a nice visit everyone went home to their evening duties leaving hubbie and I alone to watch Survivor on TV .
As winter ends and spring begins tomorrow I think someone forgot to wake up "old man winter" and tell him it was time for him to move on.  At least we get a couple spring like days before the mixed bag of precipitation is expected on Sunday then again next week,brrr. 
Looks like we won't be putting our coats and hats away just yet !!

God is so good and I strive each day to be the shining example of what His love can mean.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Pizza for supper is always welcome around my house. I am not putting any winter clothes away for a while. I just don't rust the weather - too many ups and downs. Yesterday we had snow flurries. Blessings