Thursday, March 13, 2014


Instead of #1 son's usual phone call saying he is on his way up the drive with g-son I heard my text ping this morning at 7am. It was d-in-love saying the roads were bad in Asheville and she was going in late so she would take g-son to school.
I got up to see what it looked like here and saw nothing on the ground.
I snoozed a little longer, then the curiosity of what damage the high winds did around the farm got me out of bed and on the move.
I found nothing major thank goodness. Only the rearranged outside furniture and bunches of limbs and sticks all over the yard. I'm glad I moved my van because there were two large limbs about windshield location.
All the baby chicks made it through the night thanks to the light bulb and mama's warm body.
The thermometer in there said 57 this morning while it was 27 outside.
After chores and breakfast I re-filled all the bird feeders then caught up some paperwork before lunch.
On the news at noon they said over 70,000 folks were without power in NC and SC this morning.
If you worked for a power company today, bless your heart for being out in this wind and cold.
This is why d-in-love waited until daylight to head to work as this is what the roads looked like around Asheville at sunrise.
 I went to Aldi and Walmart after lunch to get a few groceries and baking supplies for Saturday. I have several orders so maybe it will be a good day.
After I picked up g-son we came home and I surprised him with a chicken nugget happy meal.
I worked on my 9th volume blog book while he ate and worked on his lego projects until his dad picked him up.
I did the evening chores, wondering why this 38 degree day feels so much colder than it did a month ago ???
I spent the evening working on getting my photo prints in an album and watching some ACC tournament games.
This is another decade memory from March 1964 as my first cousin Don got married on the 27th.
As I sit here tonight typing this, listening to the wind outside still blowing although much less than last night, looking at the thermometer already in the 20's I bet a lot of the creatures braving these cold temps are asking this question.

Thankful for the love of a mighty Heavenly Father tonight as I strive each day to glorify His name.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

We had the bad wind the other day. Power was lost to some people but not to many. Sure can't with for warmer temps to come around. Glad everyone is okay. God's blessings to you and your family.