Monday, March 10, 2014


G-son was here at what seemed to be an extra early hour this morning. The first Monday morning of day light saving time is a day I do not look forward to !!!
Hubbie took him to school and I dragged myself from under the warm covers and did chores.
When hubbie got back we had breakfast and then he went outside to finish cleaning up a downed tree in the bottom pasture.
I did some paperwork this morning that I have been putting off and then went outside to clean a couple brooder boxes out to get ready for another two setting Silkie hens.
I sold my Orpington rooster to a man who is picking him up along with a couple of my older hens this afternoon so I am going to let these two little hens set on all the large eggs I gather in the next couple days because it may be a while before I find another rooster for my ladies.
After lunch I took a nice long walk in the 68 degree sunshine, then did some yard work. It feels so good to be outside in a T-shirt !!
And I finally spotted some color in the lawn.

 Unfortunately our seesaw weather is still in place as Thursday may even bring some snow with it's 41 degree high temperature.
After the man picked up his rooster and hens, hubbie went after g-son.
When he was fed and settled in I took a hot cup of tea out to the outside patio and watched the bridge workers for a while. Rebekah and little Evy came out to visit. They are both still under the weather a bit but the warm sunshine did them good to get out in.
#1 son came after g-son and #2 son came by to drop off checks for the payments on his taxes.
As I gathered eggs this evening I heard some small peeps from the brooder box where the hen I sat 3 weeks ago was. I checked  and she had one little Partridge chick and another couple eggs had good sized holes in them ready to hatch. At least their first day will be a warm one.  Guess I'll be rigging up a light to help her keep them warm by Wednesday night.
After supper hubbie and I had a cup of coffee out on the front porch in our rocking chairs.
As I sat out there in the peaceful quietness of the evening I thought how lucky I am to be able to take in all of God's handiwork as I watched the day come to an end.
Grateful for the wonderful world God created for our viewing pleasure. What an awesome God we serve !!
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

What an awesome day you had.. So glad you are seeing "green". Blessings