Saturday, March 8, 2014


Wow !! What a difference a day makes !!!  The sun is shining and the temperature is already well into the 40's at chore time this morning. I didn't even need a jacket on the way to market.
Market was slow but I am thankful for what I did sell.  I watched my neighbor's table while he went to a meeting at his church so I stayed busy with both our tables.
Rebekah came in to check out her spot at market and see what kind of shelves and display racks she needed.
I made a stop at Ingles after market to look for some fresh green beans but they didn't have any today.
I also picked up my prints at Walgreens.
When I got home hubbie helped unload the van then I walked up to watch g-son wash his dad's boat.

They were cleaning it up to sell it since they have only found time to go to the lake once since they have had the boat.
While they worked on their boat hubbie and I did some pruning and cleaned up around the green house.  It was too nice to stay inside on this 66 degree afternoon.
After chore time and supper I vacuumed the floors and mopped.
Talked to daughter who has been in Columbia, S.C. since last night coaching a club volleyball tournament. Her team came in second so was pleased.
Her friend's grandmother died early this morning so she hurried back tonight to be with him.
Hubbie and I watched the UNC/Duke b-ball game tonight which Duke won.
Both these coaches have been having dizzy spells on the court and watching them tonight it is no wonder as they both had veins popping as they got on the players and referees.
UHHH !!!! I'm sitting here looking at the clock that says 11:30 and I just realized I need to set it forward to 12:30, yuck !!!
Looking forward to worshiping my faithful Lord and Savior tomorrow in church.
Good Night and God Bless.

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