Friday, March 7, 2014


Woke at 5:30 by my phone going off with the message that schools would be on a 2-hour delay. Hubbie was just leaving for work and he said it didn't look too bad around here.
I went back to bed and woke up when my 4-legged alarm clocks went off as a car went around the house. I thought it was g-son arriving but when I got to the door I was greeted by daughter. She was afraid she couldn't get up the hill to her house so she came by here to take a shower and have breakfast before work. Her friends grandmother made it through the night.
I am thankful she did as that wouldn't be a good memory of her for daughter if she had to see her die.
She had a lot of snow on top of her jeep but there wasn't any on the ground here as you can see in the background.

Hubbie called and said it was pouring huge flakes of snow on the side of town he works from. There were several inches of the white stuff in the southern parts of the county.

Fortunately the roads stayed just slushy and there weren't many accidents.
This month of March hasn't began very well for us with friends and extended family expecting deaths any day and bad news for Aaron and Rebekah about their farm loan, I am just praying that as the month goes on the news will get better.
I baked cakes all morning, 6 caramel,2 chocolate and 4 pound cakes.
After lunch I caught up February month end paperwork  then changed out some more decorations for more spring like things. Maybe the inside at least will look like spring !!
As I drove home from picking up g-son the surrounding mountains sure didn't look much like spring.

While g-son went straight to work on his new lego construction projects I worked on getting my internet connection back up. For some reason it just stopped working.
After checking all the wire connections and repeatedly running the diagnostic trouble shooter it finally came back on. Have no idea what I did to fix it.
After chores I iced my cakes then rested. I feel like something is not quite right tonight, hopefully I'm not coming down with something.
Talked to Rebekah today and she hasn't felt good all week and took little Evy to the doctor today. She has some type of virus and if she's not better by Monday she has to go back.
Maybe the warmer weather predicted for the next several days will take the "winter blues" and all this other crap away.
It is still 39 degrees at 11:00 tonight.
grateful for the love of God tonight and praying for all my family and friends as they strive to glorify His name.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Our March started out like a lion. Yesterday was a warm day for us (most unusual). today it is cold agin. My hubby got a bad cold that he can't seem to shake and ended up at the doctors. Praying that things get better for everyone. Blessings