Sunday, March 9, 2014


Church was good today although the associate Pastor who was giving the message while our regular pastor is on a mission trip was struggling with loosing his voice.
At lunch we had #1 son's family and daughter with a special guest today of d-in-love's brother and his precious little girl, Stella. #2 son was playing golf and Rebekah was feeling under the weather today so they rested all day.
Little Stella who is 15 months old  warmed up to g-son quickly and joined in with his playtime.

 Aunt T helped g-son with his lego construction projects.
And so did Stella !!!
Tim is a very attentive dad and there is just something about this back door and all the bird activity out there that little girls love.
After everyone went their separate ways hubbie and I took a relaxing vitamin D break out in the warm 63 degree sunshiny day. The warm sunshine felt so good on my face I took a short nap out there. I was wishing I had my lounge chairs out of winter storage already.
When daughter left we made plans to meet at the school later this afternoon to do some bike riding.
G-son wasn't about to miss an opportunity like that so he went along.

He had to push his bike up some of the hills but he said it was worth it to get to ride really fast down them !!
After we tired of bike riding we played basketball and "monkey in the middle" for another hour before he wore himself and hubbie and I completely out.

Then of course he was ravenously hungry so we headed to Mcdonalds for those favorite chicken nuggets.
We dropped him off at home at 7:00 after a couple hours of enjoyment and exercise.
I have a feeling I will have some majorly sore legs in the morning but I need to get started with some exercise as the weather  warms up.
Hubbie , g-son and I ride off into the sunset to end a beautiful Sunday.
As the first day of daylight savings time comes to an end I'll leave you with this thought !
God is good.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

What a wonderful Sunday you had. I can't wait for our temperatures to warm up so I can be outside again. Blessings