Wednesday, March 26, 2014


An early text message let me know that schools would be on a 2 hour delay. I went back to sleep knowing #1 son would be going to  work early since he has to go in at 6am on icy road days with the DOT and d-in-love always waits until later and she gets the all clear word about the roads between here and Asheville where she works.
She brought g-son at 9:00.  He was happy to go to school 2 hours late because he got to watch some favorite TV shows this morning.
The roads were clear except for the bridges and shady spots as I took him to school at 10:00.
There was still plenty of snow around with the temperature still in the upper 20's when I got home.

I was happy to stay inside this morning and get some housework done. I got hung up on changing my living room curtains. I bought these valences in a clearance sale at Lowe's after Christmas and they looked good with my March decor but the purple decor for April, not so much.
I went through all my curtain choices and tried out a couple with no success so tomorrow when I'm in town I will look for something that will be a lot less "busy" .
#1 son got off work early after going in so early so he picked up g-son this afternoon. 
My had internet problems again today when I tried to get my walking video on. After a call to AT&T they told me how to get it up and going again. They said it just needed to be refreshed periodically.
After my walking video I rested while hubbie and I watched the news.
After chores and supper we watched Survivor on TV then I did weekly paperwork and payed bills for the week.
Talked to my "BIRTHDAY GIRL" this evening. 

Daughter is 29 years old today,wow, where did the years go ????   I thank the Lord for the wonderful young lady daughter has grown into. She is a wonderful daughter, sister, and especially AUNT , and also a caring high school teacher and coach as well as a shining example of a Christian young lady.
Hubbie and I are very proud of you and we wish you many, many more happy birthdays and wish that all your dreams come true.
Thanking God tonight for the blessing of three wonderful children and all the memories that went along with them.
Good Night and God Bless.


Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Happy Birthday To You Daughter :-)

linda m said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! Children do grow up way to fast. Blessings

Connie K said...

I cannot believe our little one is 1 and my "little one" is 28! Thank you for taking care of our precious girls, Marilyn. Oh, and Aaron, too! :). God bless you for taking them under your wing and embracing them as a part of your family.

Connie K said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! I didn't realize she and Rebekah are so close in age.