Monday, March 3, 2014


G-son was in one of his moods this morning,looking for excuses not to go to school. Glad hubbie was up to combat him this morning and get him going.
It is a rainy dreary morning, I emptied 1/4 inch of rain from the gauge this morning. The temperature early today is in the mid 40's and it will be dropping throughout the day.
I did chores and had breakfast then we went to Southern States for chicken feed. I also found another metal waterer on a discount table so it was a good trip.
We stopped back by Tractor Supply so hubbie could get dog food. The kind he uses for his beagles is cheaper there. They had all their baby chicks and ducks in for the spring and the cheeping was almost deafening. I would hate to work in there all day with all that noise.But they sure are cute little buggers!!!!

 This is the time of year I hate to go into this store because I can hardly help myself from bringing several of these little fuzzy cute chicks or ducks home with me.  I saw hubbie shaking his head at me as I mooned over these little guys while he loaded up his dog food.
I reluctantly left empty handed today.
We came home for lunch then he went to help #1 son with his water leak as son had gotten off work early just as the rain started back up. The temperature is now in the upper 30's and the wind is starting to blow.
Well as I was left alone inside on this rainy day I wondered what I should do ???
Oh yes those dreaded taxes !!
So I turned off all the TV's, radio's and all other distractions and dove into our tax papers.
Hubbie came in just in time to go get g-son so I didn't have to stop in the middle of the figuring.
I finished ours just as he and g-son got in from school. I took a break and fixed g-son his after school mac and cheese and took a call from a lady who was coming to pick up a cake order. The rain has picked up this afternoon.
After g-son went home, the chores were done and things settled back down I decided to get daughter's taxes done also since this is a couple days out of my tax month time frame.
About 7:00 I turned the page on 2013 for good as all our taxes are done !!!
Yeah this is a little what I felt like but then hubbie said I should watch the basketball game with him to rest my brain.
We watched UNC/ Notre Dame game and UNC squeeked out a victory.
Hubbie went to bed earlier tonight at 9:00 and I am going to follow as soon as I finish this blog post. We need to get our schedules changed for next week's "spring forward" time change,yuck !!!
It is already 10:30 for me and I am still here so not as early as I wanted but a good start.
Now what's next on my "to do" list ????   March is sewing catch up month and I have pictures to get printed and another blog book to get to work on.  So March won't be a relaxing month for me.
Grateful to God tonight for the blessings of the day and for keeping my mind sharp enough to help out the kids with their taxes.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Our taxes are done. Just waiting for the state to send us a refund. We owe Uncle Sam a small amount but will wait until April 15th to pay him. Blessings

Betsy Adams said...

Bet those baby chicks were loud... You are right.. It would be hard to work there!!!! I always said that I'd hate to work at Cracker Barrel in September when they start blasting Christmas music.... ha ha

Good Luck with the taxes. Hubby finished ours --and we got a nice refund. We use Turbo-Tax --and it saves so much time/effort... BUT--we also keep great records on the computer all year long.


Wanda Hanson said...

I have had the same problem, waiting until the last minute to file my taxes. The problem that I encountered was that in my haste to get them filed, I made a few major mistakes. I assumed when you make mistakes you get a chance to correct, but that was not the case for me. I was summoned to go to the IRS headquarters, a mistake I won't make again.3

Wanda Hanson @ Tax-Tiger