Tuesday, March 25, 2014


When the alarm sounded this morning I actually moaned. I knew better than to take that 30 minute nap yesterday evening,but ohhh it felt so nice !!  However it wasn't a nice feeling to lay staring at the ceiling until well after 3am this morning before sleep finally came.  I had no pain, no breathing problems or anything other than that darn nap that I knew I shouldn't have taken, oh well.
After getting g-son delivered to school the thought did cross my mind to go back to bed but then I thought that might start a vicious circle of daytime instead of nighttime sleep so I resisted.
I spent a cold morning doing laundry and housework. The bridge workers were laying the foundation for the bridge in this nasty cold intermittent rain drizzle / snow flurrying weather.
This was not a good day to be traveling on this road as it was reduced to one lane for most of the day   !!
I did my walking video even though I felt really tired and was glad I did because it actually made me feel energized.
As I came home after picking up g-son we drove in a blizzard of blowing snow. He thought it was so cool !
He had his mac and cheese, Texas toast and cookies with chocolate milk before his dad came to pick him up to go food shopping with him to pick out somethings he would like to eat for lunch.
I did the chores battling the snow blizzard with a renewed longing for those elusive warm sunny days of spring.
There was practically a white out this evening for most of the time.

This is this same view earlier today.

Just before sunset the sun found a crack in the thick clouds for the first time today. The temperature has stayed in the upper 30's all day and is steadily dropping this evening leaving a nice dusting of snow on everything.

Unfortunately for travelers the road is now wet and a 20 degree temp or below is expected tonight.
It is already down to 27 at 10:00,we have fires in both our woodstoves tonight for the first time probably ever at the end of March !!
Farmers with strawberries and peaches in S.C. and Georgia were struggling this evening to get them protected from the hard freeze temperatures coming tonight. I guess our plum trees won't be baring any fruit again this year !!

 Thanks to our cooler than normal temps my plums trees are the only thing far enough along to get damaged by these temperatures.
I want to end today's post  saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a special young lady who has become such a sweet part of lives along with her little family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY REBEKAH !!!!

 God knows what He is doing and I am confident in His love for all who love Him and for all of His creations.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Happy Birthday to Rebekah! Your weather sounds like ours. I woke up yesterday to bitter cold and 1-2 inches of fresh snow on the ground. Sure hope we get some warmer weather here soon so things can start growing. Blessings