Thursday, March 27, 2014


For some unknown and unspoken reason g-son was really apprehensive about going to school this morning. He didn't eat much breakfast and was close to tears on the way there complaining of a bad stomach ache.  I started talking to him about what fun things we could do on his spring break in a couple weeks and he acted like he forgot all about his stomach ache.
It's funny how some mornings he is excited about going to school when others are like today. I've a feeling it has to do with what is going on that day in class but he isn't about to tell us what is going on.
After chores and breakfast I headed into town. This is my last "free" Thursday as market will be open next Thursday.
I went to the bank and the PO, then to Aldi and Walmart to pick up baking supplies and groceries.
I can't believe how much grocery prices have increased just in the last couple months.

My scratchy throat is slowing me down this morning. I bought some more Air Borne to hopefully fight off another bout with a cold.  Our downstairs wood stove was smoking badly last night each time hubbie opened it to add wood so I'm thinking that is probably what's wrong with my throat.
I got home and got things put away before a late lunch. I took a walk outside today as the sunshine and 55 degree temperature looked to good to pass up.
I bet these guys are glad for some thawing out temps as they have worked all week in the snow and wind to get this part of the bridge done.
These wood hyacinths are finally braving the cold and pushing up their blooms.
Also my planted hyacinths are blooming.
This Almond bush is about to burst into bloom a little later than normal.
I've a feeling these lovely white clouds of blooms will soon be turning brown and falling off as I don't see any way these plum trees survived the low 20's temperatures of the last couple nights.
I picked up g-son today as other g-ma is out of town today. He was fine this afternoon with no signs of the apprehension of this morning.
After his dad picked him up hubbie and I watched the news then did the evening chores. The light bulb in the chick box was out this afternoon, so glad it waited until this day when the weather warmed to go out.  It is now replaced with a new bulb which should last the rest of the season.
The ten chicks that are now almost two weeks old surely would not all fit under their little Silkie mama to stay warm. I have three more setters, two that just started last week I left in the regular hen house so that all the warm hens would help keep the eggs warm on these cold nights.
As the sun went down this evening I stood outside enjoying the warmer but still not really comfortable weather . Rain is moving in tonight and hanging around for a couple days,probably spoiling my Saturday market day.
God id so good and I am so thankful that He loves and cares for me each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Hope your scratchy throat is better today. I love your pictures of the flowers. I woke up this morning to snow and 32 degrees. I don't know if Spring will ever arrive. We get a tease of warmer weather then we go right back to cold. At least God has kept us safe and warm in our house. Have a great weekend. Blessings

Betsy Adams said...

Hi there, We are back from ANOTHER trip. This time we were in Georgia checking out yet another waterfall... Check my blog today when you get a chance.

Hope your throat is better today.. We have rain here today --so it's an inside day for us!

Love the little Grape Hyacinths. We have some here too.

Have a great weekend.