Sunday, March 30, 2014


Whew, I am very thankful this Sunday morning that we are waking up to a warm house with our electric still functioning. Last night's howling winds kept me awake for most of the night as limbs and other debris kept pounding the sides of the house and the metal roofing.
This morning the yard and garden are strewn with limbs blown from trees all around but thankfully we found no trees down.
The chickens had panicked  and rolled some of the eggs from under them, so this hatch may be hampered again by Mother Nature. A large limb had hit the top of their house and tore down the netting over the lot.  I got the netting fixed back before I turned them out into the lot.
With the winds still whipping this morning there is no use doing much cleaning up.
I put a turkey breast and some sweet potatoes in the ovens for lunch today before I left for church.
Our new Bible study sermon is beginning in chapter 3 of Genesis.  The title of the sermon was "The Fall".  As Eve fell victim to that old serpent and enticed Adam to disobey God's wishes also. 
Lunch was a full house with the exception of #2 son who is in South Carolina playing golf today.
Daughter's new boy friend came around today for the first time and seemed to have a good time.
After everyone left Hubbie and I watched a March madness game, with no favorite teams still playing it was just something to do on a windy, cool Sunday afternoon. The temperature was 57 but with the wind still gusting into the 40mph range outside was not a nice place to be today.
There were thousands of folks without power today and power companies were battling the high winds trying to get power lines back up all day.
Had a nice relaxing evening.
To finish up the decade pics for March 2014 this is the unknowns I picked for this month.

 This was a note written on the back of this pic but it leaves out the year.

One more day to go in March 2014, I can't really say that this month has flown by but rather with the cold prolonged winter temperatures, cold rain and high winds this month has been pretty long.
But as always I know God is fully in control and I can rest confidently in His love.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

It definitely has been an 'interesting' month.. Glad it is over though. Hopefully, we will finally get some REAL spring weather. Our flowers/trees are WAY behind other years this year.

We had some wind --but nothing like you all had... But--it did get cold for a few days... Supposed to warm up tomorrow. Hope it does!


linda m said...

March came in like a lion here and is going out the same way. What a crazy winter we have had. Our yard is a giant mud puddle. I can't even walk on it to check out the gardens. We need some warmer dry weather. However, only rain and snow in the forecast for this week. Stay safe, Blessings

JMD said...

Must have been blowing in lots of places. We live in AZ and yesterday we had gusts in the high 30 mph. A bit of a windblown look but a wonderful day all things considered!